5 New Pedals You Need to Check Out

New Pedals

5 New Pedals You Need to Check Out

It seems like every day a new pedal is hitting the streets. Is this going to be the next Klon? Will it have the same life expectancy as a Boss DS-1 or the Ibanez TS-9? Is it part of the mini pedal trend or is it a vintage giant? These five new pedals might be the next best thing. We really like them at AMS and think you should give them a shot.

DigiTech FreqOut Natural Feedback CreatorNew Pedals FreqOut

This new pedal from Digitech is unlike everything else on the market. The pedal creates natural feedback on any note at any volume. It works on both single notes or chords and finds the harmonic and pushes the frequency to feedback. It is a smart pedal that is fun and very easy to use. This pedal is true bypass and keeps your tone intact. The best thing about this pedal is how it makes your amp act like everything is cranked up to 10 without having to actually run your amp up to ear shattering levels. People are freqing out about the FreqOut.

Friedman Fuzz Fiend Tube Fuzz Pedal

New Pedals Friedman FuzzThis pedal is for all the FUZZ fans out there. Friedman is more known for their amps, but they took what they know about tubes and made it work in a pedal. This is a high voltage pedal and that makes the tube act more like it would in an amp. This is unique to this pedal compared to most of the other tube pedals out today. It comes with a power supply, and if you already have a power supply on your board, make sure it can supply at least 350mA of current. This is the fuzz that covers all the popular fuzz tones but goes further. The Rage knob will send your fuzz over the top and with the EQ controls, dialing in a great tone is easy to acheive.

LunaStone TOD2 True Overdrive Pedalnew pedals TOD2

We recently received this pedal to test and our group of pedal guru’s all agreed, this is a solid pedal with great tone. We liked the added gain when compared to the TOD1. The strategic layout of the knobs place the two most frequently used ones right by the edge making adjustments with your foot mid song easier to execute. This pedal has one of the coolest LED’s we have seen and it is HUGE. This pedal is the perfect mix of form and function. Make sure you check it out.

Bogner Lyndhurst Compressor Pedal

New Pedals LyndhurstThis is the latest from Bogner and Rupert Neve and their collection of guitar pedals. Bogner designed the circuit and included one of the legendary Neve transformers you would find in his classic studio gear. This is more than just another compressor, they took the control of a classic studio compressor and put it at your feet. You have ratio controls and a three way EQ curve that will give you three different voices. This compressor will give you the standard chicken picking compression, but can also help control your gain and give endless sustain. This collaboration has already turned out a few great pedals and this one is no different.


Elektron Analog Drive Analog Distortion Pedal

This one had us scratching our heads. It looks awfully digital, but like the title says, it is an analog pedal. 8 analog drive pedals in one box. new pedals ElektronThe digital part comes in by recalling presets and allowing you to use a MIDI controller with this pedal to make changes. We liked all 8 of the analog circuits but the two that stood out were the Dirty Drive and how it really pushed the amp into an extremely usable rock tone. The High Gain circuit is setup so you hear every single note clearly but with TONS of gain. The amount of sustain you get from this circuit makes you think you have a compressor running but you don’t. I am sure we will be seeing this pedal pop up on more and more artist’s boards.

Why these 5?

These are just 5 new pedals that we got our hands on and really loved. New pedals are coming out all the time, so make sure you check AmericanMusical.com for all the latest and greatest. We at AMS love pedals, especially new pedals that do something different, so check these out!


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