Bachelor’s of Bluegrass Music

Bluegrass Music

The ETSU Bluegrass, Old-Time, and Country Music Program

If I wanted a college degree in bluegrass music, where could I start? Ever wonder where country music superstar Kenny Chesney learned his first few chords? Interestingly, both of these questions have the same answer – East Tennessee State University, located in Johnson City, TN. ETSU offers the world’s first bachelor of arts degree in Bluegrass, Old Time, & Country Music Studies. Students learn from some of the most acclaimed names in acoustic music, including multi-award winning bluegrass pickers Adam Steffey and Hunter Berry, National Scottish Fiddling champion Jane Macmorran, and National Bluegrass Banjo champion Brandon Green. At ETSU, students are both immersed in the traditional music of the mountains and urged to embrace creativity and further develop new styles.

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During your time studying the art of bluegrass, here are some classes you can take.

BLUE 1710 – Introduction to Bluegrass and Country Music Theory (1 credit)

BLUE 1810 – Introduction to Sound Equipment and the Recording Studio (1 credit)

BLUE 2710 – Bluegrass and Country Music Theory I (2 credits)

BLUE 3130 – Bluegrass Music History I (3 credits)

BLUE 3710 – Chart Writing and Application (2 credits)

BLUE 2810 – Sound Reinforcement (2 credits)

BLUE 3810 – Recording Engineering for Musicians (2 credits)

BLUE 3820 – Record Production for Musicians (2 credits)

 BLUE 2510 – Bluegrass Band I (1-3 credits)

BLUE 2520 – Old Time String Band I (1-3 credits)

BLUE 2530 – Country Band I (1-3 credits)

BLUE 2540 – Celtic Band I (1-3 credits)

BLUE 2380 – Instrument Setup and Maintenance (3 credits)

BLUE 3120 – Country Music Then and Now (3 credits)

BLUE 4147 – Bluegrass and America’s Music (3 credits)

BLUE 4150 – Roots of Bluegrass and Country Music (3 credits)

BLUE 4230 – Songwriting (3 credits)

 BLUE 4257 – Band Leadership Skills (4 credits)

BLUE 4810 – Capstone Recording and Performance Project (4 credits)

 BLUE 2720 – Bluegrass and Country Music Theory II (2 credits)

BLUE 2410 – Acoustic Guitar I (1 credit)

BLUE 2420 – Country Electric Guitar I (1 credit)

BLUE 2430 – Mandolin I (1 credit)

BLUE 2440 – Bluegrass Banjo I (1 credit)

BLUE 2450 – Old Time Banjo I (1 credit)

BLUE 2460 – Bluegrass Fiddle I (1 credit)

BLUE 2470 – Old Time Fiddle I (1 credit)

BLUE 2480 – Dobro I (1 credit)

BLUE 2490 – Acoustic Bass I (1 credit)

If Bluegrass, Old Time, or Country Music is your passion and you are looking to take it to the next level, you found your home. For more information, check out ETSU

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