Pedal Order Guide: Understanding Signal Flow for Your Guitar Pedals

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Does Pedal Order Matter?

What comes first, the compressor or the auto wah? This has been a backstage debate at many shows.  Which goes first? In this video, Freddy Demarco will walk us through some common suggestions on pedal order. Pedal order is like fight club, we don’t talk about pedal order. Well, we actually do but everything we say is just a suggestion. You must try every possible setup and experiment to find the best tone for you. Since tone is a very subjective thing, watch the video but ignore everything that was said. Maybe start with these suggestion but these aren’t proven facts, just a solid place to jump off into the pedal vortex.

Round 1- A Good Place To Start

Now What?

After watching this video, we hope it gives you a solid place to start when building or rearranging your pedal board. There are never absolutes with pedal order, so experimenting is key. On the next video we are going to try everything but in reverse order. I wonder what is going to come out, but at least our compressor will be towards the end to the chain to pull everything together. We hope you enjoyed this visit down the AMS pedal rabbit hole and hope you join us on another trip.


Oh, I almost forgot my original question. What comes first, the auto wah or the compressor? I ask again, because that is the big issue I am trying to figure out on my current board. Once I have my answer I will update this blog article with my findings.

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