Dialing in Great Tone: A Chorus Pedal

AMS Chorus Pedal

What is a Chorus Pedal?

A chorus pedal has been part of guitar players rigs for over 40 years. The job of the pedal is to create a shimmering effect and make the guitarist tone fuller or more lush. A 12 string guitar has a chorusing effect with the octave strings. The slow speed from a Leslie speaker gives you a chorus effect, but if you have a chorus pedal, you wont need to lug around a large rotating speaker.

Some popular examples of chorus pedals are the Boss CE-1, the Electro Harmonix Small Clone, and a T.C. Electronic SCF. The Roland JC-120 guitar amps had a built in chorusing effect. It was used on Police records in the 1980’s and the clean tone for Metallica in the 1990’s. A popular example of the tone of a chorus pedal is Nirvana’s Come as you are intro. These pedals have been part of most major guitar players rigs since the invention of the guitar pedal and they will continue to be. The chorus pedal will only improve over time and give more players the freedom to expand their tone.


Watch How to Dial-in Your Chorus Pedal

The pedal shown in this video is a Boss CH1 Super Chorus Pedal and this is just one example of the many great chorus pedals out there today. Be sure to check out all of our pedals and find the one that is right for you. Look for things like, what type of controls will I want and how much room do I have on my pedal board. Does the pedal I am looking at run at 18 volts or 9 volts? These are some of the questions you should ask when looking for a new pedal, so check out all of our chorus pedals here at AmericanMusical.com.


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