Dialing in Great Tone: Phaser Pedal

Phaser Pedal

What is a Phaser Pedal?

A phaser pedal has been around guitarists feet since the mid 1970’s. The effect happens by splitting the original signal into two with the first signal is left unchanged and the second signal is run through a filter that knocks the signal out of phase. This gives a subtle whooshing or spinning effect on the tone. Brain May, Eddie Van Halen, and Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead and known phaser pedal users. This pedal is also used on some electric pianos like the Fender Rhodes used on Billy Joel’s “Just The Way You Are”. The intro to Pink Floyd’s ” Have a Cigar” is a great example of a phaser pedal. Popular examples of this pedal are the MXR Phase 45, MXR Phase 90, and the MXR Phase 100. Electro-Harmonix’s response to the Phase 90 was the Small Stone.


Check out this quick AMS tutorial, from Freddy DeMarco, on how to dial-in your Phaser pedal


The pedal shown in this video is a MXR M101 Phase 90 pedal and is one of the all time most popular version of this effect. There are many other versions of this effect that come in different sizes and have different controls. Look at all the pedals and see which one fits your needs on your quest for the ultimate guitar tone. See All of our Phaser Pedals at AmericanMusical.com and find the right one to fit our phasing needs.


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