Dialing in Great Tone: The Uni-Vibe Pedal

Uni-Vibe Pedal

Dialing in a Uni-Vibe Pedal

The Uni-Vibe Pedal became known more for its hypnotic, swishing, phasing type sound. What sets the Uni-Vibe Pedal apart from other modulation devices is its slow impulses and its distinct warble characteristics. The sound can range from a warped record to an exaggerated dizziness swirl effect, but the Uni-Vibe Guitar Pedal is most legendary in chorus mode. When a uni-vibe is set to a slow setting, it gives you a chorusing effect.

Originally designed in the 1960’s to mimic the sound of a spinning Leslie speaker, the Uni-Vibe or Roto-Vibe give that swirling effect. Some guitar players that are known to have a uni-vibe pedal on their pedal board are David Gilmore from the band Pink Floyd. You can hear the effect on the song Breathe from Darkside of the Moon. Jimi Hendrix was another Uni-Vibe pedal user. His song Machine Gun has the effect.

Watch Freddy Dial in a Uni-Vibe Pedal

Which one is right for me?

When selecting your Uni-Vibe Pedal, you should look at a few things. First, how much room do I have on my pedal board? Normally you will find Uni-Vibe pedals at the beginning of the signal chain around your gain pedals. Do I have room for an MXR sized box or do I have room for a full size original unit? Second, Do I need expression control? The original pedals had an auxiliary pedal that allowed you to control the speed. Most pedals today just have the speed know and not the expression pedal to change by foot on the fly. The final thing to think about is stereo and do I need to run this pedal in stereo? If you do run it in stereo, you will get a larger and fuller sound, but the originals were mono. If your rig is stereo, I would look for a pedal that can run stereo, but it shouldn’t be the only reason for getting that pedal.

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