My First Guitar Lesson

Man Vs. Guitar- Your First Guitar lesson

My First Guitar Lesson Video

What to do to experience good results?

To experience good results from your first guitar lesson, you will want to set aside a half hour a day for practicing. Consistent practicing will make your first guitar lesson pay off, therefore you should practice a little every day. Missing many days of practicing and doing one long practice session to make up for missed practice is not recommend. Hence a lack of consistency will cause poor results.

What are the first things to learn?

I will explain the parts of the guitar, including the bridge, body, headstock, neck, sound hole and frets. I will define the string names on a standard six string guitar. The string names are Low “E” “A” “D” “G” “B” and high “E.” I will teach the proper posture and positioning of the guitar in this first guitar lesson.

The most important things to work on from your first guitar lesson

I will explain the importance of the fretting hand’s technique. Therefore most of your attention the first few weeks need to dedicate to your fretting hand. I demonstrate that the fingers should have curved finger joint. I stress the importance of keeping your thumb behind the neck while you create a mouse hole between your hand and the guitar neck.

How to hold the pick

I will demonstrate the correct way to hold the pick. The pick hand will take time to develop it’s accuracy and a consistent tone as a result of proper technique. I will show how the pick should be gripped with the thumb and index finger. Economy of motion will be demonstrated. this means the less you move the better. Proper technique involves small movements, rather than exaggerating any extra movements with either hand.

Tuning the guitar

I will show how to tune the guitar with a clip on tuner. Tuning the guitar by ear is typically difficult. Therefore tuning by ear should be attempted after getting accustomed to the instrument.

What will I learn to play for my first guitar lesson

I will teach single notes and some basic chords for this first guitar lesson. I will demonstrate how to attempt to play in time. Your will notice how the proper technique will result in a clear tone. Finally I will teach what a chord progression is and show you how to play a simple chord progression.

Article and Lesson by Freddy DeMarco for The Mix.


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