My First Two Guitar Scales

First Guitar Scales

My First Two Guitar Scales Lesson

Why should you learn scales

Learning these two scales will give you the foundation for a proper technique for your guitar playing. Furthermore, these scales will be most relevant for playing melodies and improvisation. These first scales will develop fingering techniques along with picking techniques. Scales are good to learn to achieve necessary finger independence, for more advanced playing.

What scale is important to learn first

I will show the “G” major scale first. The key of “G” major is a popular key for guitar music. Hence the “G ” major scale a logical first scale to learn, because this scale involves all four fretting fingers. This strategy allows you to develop your fingers equally. This scale pattern will develop proper hand position and cover all six strings. It is good to practice this scale one and two strings at a time, because taking on all six strings too early on can rush the learning process. Taking your time learning each string individually allows your brain to capture the content. I will discuss the learning process and the technique of challenging your brain after it absorbs the information.

What is the next scale to learn

I will guide you through the “C” major scale because there is a position shift in this one. I will demonstrate shifting positions while playing the “C” major scale. The technique of position shifting will be used when playing basic melodies and more complex lead guitar parts down the road.

Practice timing with these first guitar scales

Timing is typically over looked in the very beginning, when memorizing the scales. However, I will exemplify the importance of make the notes ring evenly throughout the ascending and descending scales. In conclusion, you should make your timing and rhythm just as important and the notes themselves. Developing good left and right hand technique along with good timing will be the foundation of good musicianship.

Lesson and Article by Freddy DeMarco

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