Here’s How Jennifer Batten Feels About the Fishman TriplePlay

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Meet Jennifer Batten

Jennifer Batten is not like the rest of us,  she is one of the top guitar players of all time. Jennifer is also the only person who toured with two of the best, Michael Jackson as the top performer and Jeff Beck as the greatest all time guitar player . Two jobs most guitar players would kill for and she had both of them. We were lucky to spend a few hours with Jennifer  Batten at the American Musical Supply studio to talk gear and listen to some guitar virtuosity.

Jennifer Batten Demos the Fishman TriplePlay

Jennifer discusses her new rig and it is based around the Fishman TriplePlay wireless midi system. This system allows her to use all the sounds she used in the past, but with less gear, better tracking, and simple installation. All of the tones in this demo are triggered using the Fishman TriplePlay. The Fishman FC01 foot controller makes switching sounds even easier and at your feet plus it includes a hold feature. Check out these three videos that will let you learn who Jennifer is, her Fishman TriplePlay rig, and finally a jam with American Musical Supply product specialist Andrew Swift.

American Musical Supply

If you are looking to build out a rig like Jennifer Battens, check out to find the Fishman TriplePlay and other Fishman products. AMS also has a large selection of Washburn guitars. Washburn guitars have been Jennifer’s choice for years, so make sure you check it out. AMS understands what it takes to build out your dream rig and we are here to help. Our true 0% interest payment plans and free shipping are added bonuses.  American Musical Supply gets you the gear you want, when you want it, So Rock Now, Pay Later.



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