Recording Accessories

Written by: Headsnack

Microphones: You can never have too many microphones as each one will impart its distinct tonal character on your recording.

Microphone Preamps: Microphone preamps amplify the sound of the mic while also imparting their own sonic signature to the recording. Some are designed to be transparent, whereas others (such as those with tubes) can make the recording sound warmer. All mic preamps also provide +48 volts of Phantom Power.

Mic Stands: Quality mic stands will keep your microphones stable while also reducing handling noise. Make sure the stand is strong enough to hold a heavy condenser mic to reduce risk of damage to the mic.

Acoustic Shields: Acoustic enclosures attenuate unwanted environmental noises. They are an excellent tool for deadening the sound of the room.

Acoustic Treatment: Acoustic panels can help to absorb low frequencies and minimize reflected sound from entering your recording.

Shock Mounts: A suspension shock mount isolates the microphone from physical vibration, floor, and stand noise. They are usually adjustable and will attach to any mic stand.

Mic Clips: There are several different types of clips available for recording a wide variety of instruments. Specialty clips, such as those designed to attach to drums, will help in securing mics in tight places.

Pop Filters: See the section on Microphone Techniques where pop filters are discussed. They are indispensable for eliminating plosive sounds from “popping” into your recording.

Headphones: A quality pair of closed-back studio headphones are necessary when tracking vocals and other instruments. They will prevent the sound of the rest of the song from bleeding into your recording.

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