Music Man 2018 Stingray Special – A Force To Be Reckoned With


2018 Stingray2018 Stingray2018 Stingray

2018 Stingray Special

The 2018 Stingray Special introduces a slew of new features that pay homage to the OG all while adding something to the table. Coming in both a 4 string and 5 string model. For starters, there is a new 18V preamp, which offers more headroom and no clipping. Dig deeper for that extra low end, or push the highs to their limits. Next up, we have a super lightweight ash body. This makes the bass extremely comfortable to play and great for gigging musicians.

There are some slight changes in the shape as well. Music Man has changed up the arm contour for more comfort and some added flair. Additionally, you have the Neodymium pickup magnets for increased output and help to keep the powerful punchy tone you love and elevate it. Including 22 stainless steel frets, and new lightweight modern bridge and saddles in a matte black finish. Last but not least, the 2018 Stingray Special features a 5 bolt contoured neck joint which adds one extra fret.


2018 Stingray2018 Stingray2018 Stingray2018 Stingray







The Face of Bass

Originally introduced in 1976, the Music Man StingRay has been revered as one of the most iconic bass guitars created. The StingRay was the first production four string that included an onboard active equalizer. This bass is the flagship of the Music Man line. Today’s StingRay is almost the same as it was some forty years ago. The only notable additions are upgraded technology and features. including a solid roadworthy construction, massive hardened steel bridge, elegant oval pickguard, 3+1 tuning key configuration, and the ever-popular Music Man humbucker. All of these factors combined to produce a certain look, feel and sound that is remarkably unmistakable. The 2018 Stingray Special is no exception.


2018 Stingray2018 Stingray2018 Stingray2018 Stingray















18V Preamp for Extra Headroom With No Clipping.

Super Lightweight Ash Body

New Arm Contour Rounded for More Comfort

Neodymium Pickup Magnets for Increased Output

22 Stainless Steel Frets

All New Lightweight Modern Classic Bridge and Saddles

Lightweight Music Man Tuning Machines

5 Bolt Contoured Neck Joint On the Body

Available in Single and Dual Hum-bucking Configuration

2018 Stingray2018 Stingray2018 Stingray

Wrap Up

Growing up listening to punk and playing in local bands, the Music Man Stingray was the go-to bass for all my favorite bands. I feel that there is a reason for this and it is pretty clear… Number one, it looks cool and it is such a recognizable bass. Number two, it sounds great and it has so many different tones. Whether you are playing punk, folk, rock or funk the 2018 Stingray Special is sure to satisfy your needs. Music Man has kept the look and feel that has made this bass a timeless addition to their lineup, all while adding some features that just expand upon its potential.  Go to American musical supply to grab one of these beauties today!

2018 Stingray Special2018 Stingray Special2018 Stingray Special

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