What will 2019 bring? NAMM Rumors

2019 NAMM Rumors

NAMM Rumors

What would a new year be without NAMM rumors? We see our favorite vendors leak teasers and hints about new gear but most of us have to wait till NAMM. This year we are going to take our best guess about what we will see coming up next month.

The Brands

Fender– A new Limited Edition guitar of the month offering. If the past two years give us a hint on what to expect this year, we are guessing that they will release a series of half relic tele and half NOS strat. It will be called, “The Caster” and there will be a new color for each month. We also expect some new pedals.

Gibson– Rumor is, everything will have robot tuners again. Just kidding. 2019 Gibson’s are already out, so no real rumors, except a new custom color StoneWashed Denim Blue Fade Burst Wrap. The other rumor is about 7 to 9 more signature Slash models.

Pioneer– The new DDJ-SX12- That’s right, the best Serato controller just got 9 better. We are not sure the new feature set, but we are sure it will be #LitAF

Martin– New Acoustic Guitars. I know this is a long shot but we see it happening.

Shure– The brand new Shure SM-58.1. Shure is making the legendary SM-58 .1 better by calling it the Shure SM-58.1, The New Legend

Taylor– Something revolutionary or something that will save the planet. Either way, Thanks, Bob.

Line 6– They plan to come out with gear that lets you sound like something else.

Paul Reed Smith– A new John Mayer acoustic. Looks a little like a 000-28 but completely different.

Bose– The biggest little speaker ever- It will sound huge but in a tiny package.

Akai– The MPC ABC- This is an entry-level beat creator made for the child of a beat maker. Hooked on MPC worked for me.

Behringer– Their own design. Something new we are simply not ready for.

Roland– The brand new TDKVSTD2001TDKVS9ER. It is just like the TDKVSTD2000TDKVS9ER but with a mesh floor tom and non-chokable cymbals.


Wrap it up, B

Again, these are just NAMM rumors but we have a strong feeling come January 1st, the real new gear of 2019 will start to be released.