The Digital Cable Difference

Ever wonder what the differences are between today’s modern digital cable? Check out four popular ones below and click here to see about four other Digital Cables



Allows connection and removal of devices without having to to power down the computer.  This is called hot swappable. USB 2 transfers data at 480MBPS. USB 3 transfers data at 5GBPS which is 10X faster than USB 2. Both can provide voltage to bus-powered devices.


Works with data devices and displays. You can daisy chain up to 6 devices.  Transfer capabilities at speeds of 20GBPS and is backward compatible. When daisy chaining to a TB2 Port make sure your TB1 devices are down river.


FireWires are hot swappable, which as we previously discussed means that it allows connection and removal of devices without having to power down the computer. They come in 4 and 6 pin configurations. The 6 pin provides voltage to bus powered devices. FireWire 400 transfers data at 400MBPS. The 800 transfers data at 800MBPS and is backward compatible with FW400 standard.


Dante cables are uncompressed, multi channel and use digital media networking technology. They run over standard IP networks and are capable of transporting up to 512 channels of bi-directional audio over a single gigabit ethernet link.