AMS Exclusive Interview with Alvarez Artist – Ani DiFranco

Up and down their full line of versatile instruments, Alvarez Guitars continues to serve with a singular purpose – to faithfully bring your music to life. With a dedication towards achieving the ultimate balance of research innovation and time-honored traditional construction techniques, their end result is a guitar that will last a lifetime, with a character and personality as unique as your own. It is this mission that leads prominent musicians from around the world to choose Alvarez. At AMS, we were fortunate to be able to talk to sit down with Ani DiFranco, one of those special artists whose far-reaching work has truly made a global impact. A prominent force as a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and activist, DiFranco has played Alvarez acoustic guitars ever since she hit the road as a young touring artist with her very first dreadnought! In an AMS Exclusive Interview, she talks about her instruments, her musical journey, and why she trusts her sound to Alvarez.


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