AMS Exclusive Interview with Andy Fuchs


Fuchs Audio Technology is a shining example of true engineering passion and a love for guitar tone. After all, forging their own path into a leader of handcrafted guitar amplifiers and effects pedals makes it abundantly clear how seriously they take their craft. When you power up a Casino Series amplifier, you’re getting a tone machine that will serve you at the highest level – anytime, anywhere. Their “Plush FX” effects consistently break new ground and will take your guitar sound into exciting and uncharted territory. For the month of August, the AMS 0% interest, 12-payment plan is being extended to our entire stock of Fuchs amplifiers! Also, you’re automatically Pre-Approved for the 0% interest, 3-payment plan on every Plush FX pedal we carry, so getting your hands on game-changing Fuchs hardware is more convenient than ever before!

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