AMS Exclusive Interview with Chris Wyse

Bassist Chris Wyse is a busy, busy man – and that’s no surprise when your versatile contributions to The Cult, Ozzy Osbourne, Mick Jagger, Tal Bachman, and countless others headline your musical resume. After recording on Ace Frehley’s blistering new solo album, Origins Vol. 1, an epic first leg of a tour with the iconic KISS guitarist soon followed. AMS had the privilege of meeting with Wyse during his brief moment of downtime. After all, he’s back on the road with Frehley for the second half of the year, beginning in the middle of August. Wyse talks about his setup – including his trusty Ampeg bass amps and D’Addario strings, recalls how he came to work and record with Frehley, and discusses taking center stage as the frontman of his own heavy alternative trio, Owl.

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