AMS Exclusive Interview with Ola Englund

Ola Englund is the lead guitarist for Sweden’s The Haunted and is the main creative force behind his own band, Feared. He is widely known and respected in the global metal community for his YouTube channel, now with over 77,000 subscribers and over 24 million views. He also plays his own signature guitar and amp, which we will go over later in the article.



Ola’s Signature Guitars and Amplifier

Ola has collaborated with Washburn Guitars to create the ultimate metal and shred series of guitars, dubbed SOLAR, part of Washburn’s Parallaxe Series. The SOLAR Series combines elegant simplicity, innovative technology, and hardware, and well thought out design to achieve a perfect symmetry of visual allure and playability.

Ola worked diligently with metal’s synonymous amp company, Randall Amplifiers and amp designer/guru Mike Fortin to come up with an unsurpassed metal amp that delivers unrelenting brutal tone. The only amp that is deserving enough to bear the name: SATAN!

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