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Guitar Buyer Guide

Guitar Buyer’s Guides

The world of guitars can be an intimidating and complicated place. There are myths often masquerading as fact and it can all be a bit confusing and overwhelming to digest. Never fear, the musicians at American Musical Supply know that the goals, personal preferences, and budgets of every guitar player are different. After all, the point of playing guitar is to enjoy yourself, make music, connect with friends, and always be learning! We’re happy to provide you with a collection of educational Buyer’s Guides to help you find just the right instrument, amplifier, effects, and accessories to meet your needs and help you grow as a musician.

Electric guitar buyer's guides

Electric Guitar Buyer’s Guides

Are you ready to purchase a new electric guitar, but still have a few questions you’d like answered before buying? The gear experts at American Musical Supply are here to help you! Our Electric Guitar Buyer’s Guide touches on all the necessary details you need to know to make a confident decision. In this guide, you’ll learn about the different types, sizes, and styles of electric guitar. You’ll explore the types of wood that are most commonly used to build the body, neck, and fingerboard. Each type has its own feel and makes a very specific impact on the characteristics of the instrument’s sound. The guide also touches on how the hardware and electronics vary between brands and different instrument models. This variety means that each guitar will have a different set of performance features.

Pick up guitar buyer's guides


When it comes to guitar electronics, you can’t have a proper discussion about the subject without mentioning pickups. These are the foundation of an electric guitar’s sound and come in several different varieties. If you want to know more about the inner workings of guitar, The Pickup Buyer’s Guide is a great resource! You’ll learn about the different types of pickups, see a glossary of pickup-related terms, and see how pickups are installed. After all, upgrading the pickups is a great way to breathe new life into a guitar.

Pedal guitar buyer's guides

Guitar Effects

Want to access a massive library of sounds all under the hood of one piece of gear? We have guitar multi-effects processors from brands like Line 6 and HeadRush Pedalboard. If you’re looking to really customize your pedals one at a time, we have plenty of incredible Guitar Effects to choose from. The Pedalboard Buyer’s Guide will discuss all of the different families of effects and how they will interact with your guitar. You’ll hear about rock-solid pedals by Boss, Digitech, Ibanez, and Dunlop as well as the newest customized models from dozens of passionate brands.

If you want to combine a bunch of very specific tones from your favorite effects brands, we’ll help you set up a pedalboard and bring out the best in your rig. With the help of ‘Pedal Flow 101,’ you’ll be able to connect your pedals in the proper order. This will assure that your effects are accurate as signal flows from the guitar all the way through your setup to your amp.

Acoustic guitar buyer's Guides

Acoustic Guitar Buyer’s Guides

Just like their electric counterparts, acoustic guitars come in numerous shapes and sizes.  They are made of different tone-woods and incorporate various types of hardware. The difference is that the sound of an acoustic is completely dependent on the construction style and the wood (or other material) it is made of. The Acoustic Guitar Buyer’s Guide goes into great detail describing the reasons that specific guitars sound the way they do.

Acoustic Amps Guitar buyers guide

Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers and PA

Do you enjoy the sound and feel of an acoustic, but also want an instrument that can be plugged in and amplified? You’ll definitely want to take a look at our wide selection of Acoustic Electric Guitars. Our Acoustic Amplifier Buyer’s Guide highlights amps and PA systems specifically designed for the frequencies of an Acoustic Electric. Live musicians should also check out our Singer-Songwriter Buyer’s Guide. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned pro or if you’re playing out for the first time. You can check off important gig essentials for your performances – including microphones, wireless systems, mixers, monitors, and accessories.

Nylon String

Nylon String Guitars

The term ‘acoustic guitar’ most commonly refers to standard six-string models that use steel or bronze strings. Our Nylon Guitar Buyer’s Guide touches on a different family entirely, instruments that date back hundreds and hundreds of years. These guitars – often called ‘Classical’ or ‘Flamenco’ – have slightly wider necks and use nylon string packages. You also traditionally play finger-style without a pick. Possessing a distinctly warm and mellow tone, they are beautiful and unique sounding instruments.  Be sure to check out this guide to learn about their history and use in modern music.

Acoustic Guitar Buyer's Guides

Acoustic Guitar Care and Maintenance

It doesn’t matter what musical instrument you play, you can’t just leave it completely exposed to the elements. Don’t store it in an unheated garage during the frigid middle of winter, leave it in the back of a boiling hot vehicle, or keep it in a leaky, wet basement. When it comes to the acoustic guitar you’ll need to keep an extra careful eye on the surrounding temperature and humidity.  This is doubly true for a solid wood model! Our Acoustic Guitar Care Guide educates you on proper maintenance and recommends great accessories. An extra investment in the right care products will help your instrument continue to look and sound it’s very best.


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