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When you hear the words “keyboard”, “drums”, and “strings,” you aren’t just talking about specific items. There are literally hundreds of products that fit into each of those families. American Musical Supply’s collection of Buyer’s Guides for keyboards, drums, and alternative instruments will walk you through the different categories and instrument models that we carry. Now you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re after!

Keyboard Buyer’s Guides


Personal Keyboards

Whether you’re looking for a beginner student’s very first keyboard or a hassle-free second instrument for travel use, a portable keyboard from AMS fits the bill. They are lightweight, user-friendly, and packed with a vast, carefully crafted library of authentic sounds and rhythms. Our Personal Keyboard Buyer’s Guide talks in-depth about their features, configurations, and the educational tools included for musicians of all ages and abilities. AMS has models that include headphones, a power supply, and a durable X-brace stand along with the keyboard itself. Every portable keyboard model we carry is also eligible for a True 0% interest 3-payment plan with no credit check!


Digital Pianos

You’re looking for a piano for your home that will provide the joy of music for years to come. You also don’t want to budget the extra money and space for massive acoustic grand piano. American Musical Supply has the perfect solution! We have a huge selection of popular digital pianos and outline them all in our Digital Piano Buyer’s Guide. These models are with piano and keyboard sounds sampled directly from world’s most iconic instruments. They are also commonly built with weighed key action and foot pedal access. Lastly, for the parents of children taking lessons, know that private instructors approve these digital pianos for students who are ready to take the next step forward with their lessons!


Workstations and Arrangers

If you’re a piano player who composes, runs a private studio, works as a school band or choir director, or leads a house of worship music group, having a powerful all-in-one keyboard solution can meet any of your needs. Our Workstation vs Arranger Buyer’s Guide dives into the features these powerful keyboards bring to the table. You’ll also see how they can be used with your creative projects. Learn about their massive libraries of sound, built-in sequencers, and tons of production features. These top-selling keyboards are specifically designed to help create your own play-a-long backing tracks, run rehearsals, and be able to call upon the entire orchestra. Those are powerful tools for a pianist to have!



The analog synthesizer really came to prominence in the 1960s and its influence in music today is stronger than ever! Coupled with the advance of technology throughout the years, the synth has continued to evolve right alongside music. Hip-hop, EDM, pop, and various genres of metal have taken advantage of the synthesizer to carve out distinct styles. Are you thinking of adding a synth to your production or performance setup, but aren’t sure which direction to go? American Musical Supply’s Synth Buyer’s Guide talks about the differences between Analog Synths, Digital Synths with Analog Emulation, and Software Synths.


Drum Buyer’s Guide

Drum sets are made up of the snare, tom, bass drum, and cymbals.  Beyond that, there are loads of variations to choose from! Drum sets are most commonly built out of wood, but what are the differences when it comes to type and thickness?  Do building use other materials?  How many drums, or pieces, should be used in certain situations? The AMS Drum Buyer’s Guide has answers and will make sense of everything for you. You’ll also learn about cymbals and hardware, drumsticks and brushes, and how to implement accessories.  Electronic drum sets bring an entire new element to your playing, you’ll see what sets them apart from the rest in this guide!

Alternative Instrument Buyer’s Guides


Bluegrass, Folk, and Americana

Traditional 6-string guitars might get the lion’s share of the attention in a band, but there are other sounds waiting to join your creative projects! Our Bluegrass Buyer’s Guide introduces you to a variety of instruments that are found in bluegrass, folk, indie rock, and Americana styles of music.

And it doesn’t stop there . . .

Banjos, mandolins, resonator guitars, and acoustic bass guitars are continuing to branch out across the entire music landscape. So go ahead and feel free to incorporate them into your pop, jazz, fusion, and electronica tunes. This guide also instructs you to explore more percussion and move beyond the traditional drum set.  We have a huge selection of hand percussion instruments including djembes, congas, bongos, cajons, and more!



Looking for another distinct and unforgettable instrument voice? Be sure and stop by the Tiki Hut to read our Ukulele Buyer’s Guide! These instruments come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all available on our True 0% interest 3-payment plan with no credit check. Some models are even electrified, so you can plug directly into an amp or PA. This Buyer’s Guide will tell you what you need to know about portable, versatile, and charming ukulele. You’ll soon realize that it can bring a new sense of character to any song!

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