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Technology Buyers Guide

American Musical Supply’s collection of Technology Buyer’s Guides will help you learn about the newest feature-packed types of DJ, Live Sound, and Recording gear!

You’re ready to throw down club-ready dance sets.  You’re eager to write and record your music.  There’s even specific gear that you already have in mind.  However, you might be thinking that the technology is too complicated.  After all, taking a look at a product’s incredibly long list of technical specifications can be enough to tie your mind in knots.

Well, you can breathe easy – we’re here with resources to help!

Live Sound

DJ Buyer’s Guides

Ready to become a DJ? That’s awesome! It’s a fun, exciting, and the perfect outlet for your musical creativity and energy. Throw amazing house parties. Rock the dance floor by building personalized EDM sets and creating live mashups. It isn’t just about the simple back-and-forth style mix, today’s cutting-edge DJ gear can incorporate up to four channels of audio for a truly immersive experience! Oh, and don’t forget about DJ lighting and visuals to kick things up to another level. DJing might sound a bit intimidating at first, but never fear! With a bit of instruction and direction, it’s easy for any passionate music lover to get started.

Your first step should be to start with American Musical Supply’s DJ Buyer’s Guide. This is an extensive resource covering all the ins-and-outs of DJing and the gear you will use. Everything for the modern DJ is represented here, including sections on DJ Controllers, DJ Mixers, DJ Turntables, DJ Media Players, DJ software, headphones, and accessories.

Live Sound

If you’re an aspiring DJ that prefers the throwback feel of vinyl against your fingertips, look at our Turntable Buyer’s Guide for a nice overview of different models and accessories. There are different ways to incorporate turntables into a modern DJ set.  You can bring a crate of your favorite album LPs or manage your DJ software playlist using digital control vinyl.  No matter the method you choose, you’ll need the proper cartridges, stylus‘, and cables. For information on the newest, most popular Pioneer DJ products, be sure to check out our Pioneer DJ Buyer’s Guide.Live SoundLive Sound








Live Sound

Live Sound Buyer’s Guides

The world of live sound isn’t limited to just performance microphones and speakers, there are a lot of additional elements that bring everything together.  The Live Sound Buyer’s Guide is all about discussing the components of a complete setup.

Electro-Voice and QSC are true powerhouses in the world of live sound speakers, PA systems, and subwoofers. In the market for some new live sound gear? The Electro-Voice Buyer’s Guide and QSC Buyer’s Guide dive into the details of their respective speaker lines, helping you determine which of their award-winning models would best suit you and your needs.

Live Sound

If you’re looking to specifically build a fixed speaker installation using the combination of passive speakers, subs, and a power amplifier, you absolutely must look at the Power Amp Buyer’s Guide. This guide will walk you through the setup process, address power requirements, and clearly explain the technical language and terminology that is used when operating this gear. We want this to be the first step on your path towards building a truly rocking venue sound system!Live Sound

Recording and Production Buyer’s Guides

Mixers form the backbone for any live sound performance or recording session.  At a distance, a traditional analog live sound mixer and a new digital mixer can look similar.  But what separates the two? And what features do digital mixers bring to the table?  The Digital Mixer Buyer’s Guide has it all covered.  You’ll learn how these powerful machines sync with your computer, laptop, or device’s DAW (digital audio workstation) for hands-on multitrack recording and audio parameter management.

Live SoundLive Sound









Long gone are the days where tracking vocals and instruments in a multi-million dollar recording studio was a requirement. Today, the vast majority of creative projects are recorded, mixed, and mastered in bedrooms, basements, and home studios. Our Home Recording Buyer’s Guide walks you through the ins and outs of building your own studio. American Musical Supply carries a wide range of audio interfaces, studio monitors, and headphones to pair with your desktop, laptop, or iOS device. You’ll also learn about gear and accessories that bring out the best in your sound and help recording go smoothly. When you use our 0% True interest payment plans, you’ll be off and creating in no time!

Live Sound

If you’re looking to get serious about recording and producing incredible tracks, look no further than the innovative gear from Universal Audio. Our Universal Audio Buyer’s Guide highlights their commanding audio interfaces, analog production hardware, and digital emulation tools. These are all world-class pieces of gear that number among some of the fastest in the world!  Get the best of both worlds! These spectacular tools form the foundation of professional studios worldwide, yet will comfortably fit in personal studios of any size.

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