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At AMS, it’s our mission to help you get the musical instruments and gear you’ve always wanted! And with our true 0% interest payment plans, it’s easier than ever. Our payment plans are the perfect way to get that new guitar, bass, keyboard, or drum set.  Or maybe you’re looking into building a dream DJ rig, recording studio, music production suite, or live sound speaker system.  We know that you’re working hard and thinking big – starting a new instrument, practicing, writing and producing songs, playing shows, and looking ahead to performances and tours.  When it comes to thousands of items throughout our inventory – easy monthly payments are truly the way to go!  Here is everything these game-changing true 0% interest payment plans have to offer:

Payment Plans

A full family of payment plans.

American Musical Supply offers four different True 0% interest payment plans.  When you are ready to complete your order, simply select the payment plan you would like to use.

  • 12-Payment Plan covers ALL ORDERS from $599 – 4,000, that includes a qualifying item
  • 8-Payment Plan covers ALL ORDERS from $299 – 4,000, that includes a qualifying item
  • 5-Payment Plan covers ALL ORDERS from $249 – 3,000.
  • 3-Payment Plan covers ALL ORDERS from $49 – 1,500, no credit approval is needed!

Our 5, 8, and 12-pay plans are subject to credit approval – applying is quick and easy.  Whether you’re ordering online or over the phone with one of our gear experts, the process is quick and secure.  You’ll have an answer back very quickly.


Payment Plans


Use your own debit or credit card.

Don’t worry about having to manage another credit card.  With an AMS true 0% interest payment plan, you use one of your own! Payments are automatically scheduled to your card every month, so you don’t have to spend extra time dealing with the added hassle that comes with having an additional card.  Take advantage of the perks that come with your own card and keep your budget management simple and straightforward.



No third-party hassle.

When applying for credit with other companies, you’ll often notice something unexpected in the fine print.  These cards are usually backed and managed by a third-party financial institution.  That means you’re subject to that third-party’s application process, approval criteria, and a separate set of terms and conditions.  This complicates your life further by adding another middleman to the transaction.  At American Musical Supply, we will take care of you completely from start to finish and are always here to serve as your musical resource.

Staying in-house means we approve more payment plans for more musicians!

American Musical Supply’s true 0% Interest Payment Plans are simple, straightforward, and hassle-free.  We aren’t subject to the outside terms of other institutions. That means we offer a level of flexibility to our customers that our competitors cannot match.  We work our hardest to approve more musicians for our 5, 8, and 12-pay plans. Even if you are unable to be approved for these plans, get the gear you need with our 3-payment plan that requires no credit check.  See below for more information about AMS 3-pay.

It’s incredibly easy to manage your account with us.  Whether you’re on your mobile device or desktop browser, log in to your account page to view your orders, track shipments, and make additional payments on your account.  You’ll always receive a friendly e-mail from us, reminding you of an upcoming payment. We also outline your payment dates for all of the remaining months. There are no restrictions or penalties for paying off the balance of your AMS payment plan early. If you happen to miss a payment at any time during your payment plan, you’ll only be charged a late fee.  There are no penalty interest rates to have to worry about. Taking care of a late payment can be done in your account and getting back on track is easy.  You can also call and speak directly to an AMS account specialist if you have any additional questions.

Build a Gear Bundle, Get It Fast, and Stay on Budget.

You have been putting in a lot of time in the practice room learning your favorite songs. Perhaps you have a series of performances coming up or you’re heading into the studio to record or play on that next great album.  In order to sound your best, you’re going to need a number of essential accessories to help get the job done.  However, purchasing an entire bundle at once can take you over budget.  And picking up your accessories one or two at a time? That just isn’t going to work – these products are all essential for your playing!

So what is a musician to do?  AMS has the answer! Order all of your accessories from us, enjoy fast, free shipping, and split your purchase into easy monthly payments with 0% Interest! Packs of strings, picks, effects, and maintenance supplies for your guitar or bassSticks, hardware, sounds, and practice pads for your drumsStands, cases, and cables for your live sound, DJ, and recording equipment.  We have thousands of accessories waiting to help you perform at your very best.

Payment Plan

AMS Payment Plans are perfect for gift-giving and learning a new instrument.

AMS is here to help you embark on a new personal journey of musical discovery, introduce your child to the excitement of learning a musical instrument or find the right gift for a friend or family member. Birthdays, graduations, the holidays, no matter the special occasion, AMS has the right gifts for you with a full selection of acoustic and electric guitars, basses, keyboards, drums, DJ, live sound, and recording gear.  With AMS 0% interest payment plans, you can give the life-changing gift of music. Provide an eager musician with their newest instrument and stay on a budget that is comfortable for you.  It’s an unprecedented deal that makes your gift-giving easy and worry-free!


No Credit Check! – The AMS 3-Payment Plan is Perfect for First-Time Buyers.

The 0% interest 3-pay from American Musical Supply is the ultimate tool for buying instruments and gear! Students, first-time buyers, and people looking for straightforward, no-hassle payment plans, this is what you’ve been looking for!  There is no lengthy application process and absolutely no credit check. You’re Pre-Approved for all purchases from $49 – 1,500 using your own debit or credit card.

Level up to a new professional instrument – Incredible choices on 3-Pay.

Since the AMS 3-payment plan covers all purchases from $49 – 1,500, that means hundreds of instruments used by professionals throughout the world are eligible.  From electric guitars like the new Fender American Professional Stratocaster and 2018 Gibson Les Paul Studio to live sound powerhouses such the QSC Touchmix-16 digital mixer and Electro-Voice ZLX powered loudspeakers to the popular Pioneer DDJ-SX2 4-channel DJ controller, the possibilities are endless.  Guitar, bass, amplifiers, drums, keyboards, DJ, live sound, recording – you’re Pre-Approved for professional models in absolutely every area of our inventory!  Your dream gear awaits with three easy payments.

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