The Analog Synthesizers of KORG


Close your eyes and think of movies like Blade Runner or Flash Gordon. Now try to hear the music, those driving synth lines that create an ambiance and paint such a vivid picture. Well, those are analog synthesizers. They produce that classic sci-fi/horror movie sound that was in so many great 80s movies. Analog synthesizers generate their sounds by manipulating electric voltages. The oscillator shapes the voltage to produce a steady pitch at a given frequency and determines the waveform. It feeds the signal to the filter, and the musician turns knobs and dials to set parameters around the frequencies of a sound. This ladies and gentleman is an analog synth.

In this article, we will cover the features of the Prologue 16, Minilogue XD and Minilogue XD. All three are polyphonic analog synthesizers which will give you that retro 80s vibe you have been searching for! So without further ado let us dive into the nitty-gritty of KORG’s analog synthesizers.

Prologue 16

First up is the Prologue 16, a new generation of flagship analog synthesizer from KORG. It is the ultimate multi-voice, multi-timbre, multi-engine. Prologue is a fully-programmable and full-featured. It is a polyphonic analog synthesizer equipped with a full-sized keyboard. Combining powerful analog circuits from earlier models together with a new digital multi-engine and gorgeous DSP-based effects. Thus, expanding the variety of sounds and the possibilities for user customization.

Minilogue XD

Minilogue XD is an evolved next-generation analog synthesizer with huge potential for sound design and performance. KORG wanted to deliver a synthesizer for a new generation of musicians new to analog synthesis. This dream was realized in the development of the Minilogue XD, which instantly made the analog synthesizer approachable!

In addition to emphasizing the same analog sound and joy of controlling an electronic musical instrument, the Minilogue XD adds many other features. Including; a digital multi-engine, effects, a powered-up sequencer, and micro tuning functionality. Thus, further expanding the possibilities for sound design and performance potential. Minilogue XD is a fitting addition to the original groundbreaking Minilogue.

Minilogue XD Module

Last, but certainly not least is Minilogue XD Module, a new desktop module version of Minilogue XD. The four-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer has a customizable digital multi-engine and built-in stereo digital effects. The desktop module is equipped with the same controllers as the keyboard version, making it a great choice as an additional sound module for your keyboard or DAW. Providing excellent performability, the XD Module gives you an easy way to include an analog polyphonic synth in your setup! It’s additionally equipped with a poly-chain function that lets you connect it with another Minilogue XD or Minilogue XD Module. So the two units can operate as a polysynth in your studio or on stage. Add the sounds of the Minilogue XD to your setup or system!

The analog synthesizer is an instrument that has been around forever but has some futuristic and sci-fi sounds. You can create a spacy or eerie ambiance or a driving synth lead. So whether you are a DJ and want to add a live element to your show, or you just want to re-create the Flash Gordon soundtrack with your friends. Which either way, we wouldn’t blame you. KORG provides extremely user-friendly options in the Prologue 16, Minilogue XD and Minilogue XD Module. You can get all three at American Musical Supply.