Beginners Guide to the Guitar

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-Your First Guitar Lesson-

So you just bought a guitar. You are probably wondering what to do and how to maintain and take care of it. Depending on your skill level you may be wondering what the different parts are and even how to play or identify them. Let this serve as your guide to break down the mystery of the guitar. We will cover the different parts of the guitar, the different strings of the guitar and how to fret and play the guitar including picking technique in this first video.

-Restringing Your Guitar-

Next up, how do you restring your guitar? Whether you break a string or you just overly play and the strings start to sound flat, new strings are the lifeblood of a good tone. There is nothing better than that first riff on a guitar with a fresh set of strings. Luckily, restringing your guitar is no big deal. This video guide will go over restringing your guitar. Depending on the brand, there are a few different styles, and in this guide, we will cover Fender, Gibson and an acoustic. We got you covered!

We are also throwing in a guitar string buyers guide because as I said before, strings are very important to the overall tone. We cover alloys, wound strings, and nylon strings. Additionally, we cover some history of instruments like the guitar and some of its origins. This is a great go-to for players who are not as familiar with string gauge.

String Buyers Guide

-Two First Scales-

Learning these two scales will give you the foundation for a proper technique for your guitar playing. Furthermore, these scales will be most relevant for playing melodies and improvisation. These first scales will develop fingering techniques along with picking techniques. Scales are good to learn to achieve necessary finger independence, for more advanced playing. With time you will be able to use these scales to write your own songs and then move on to other scales.


-Understanding Your Amplifier-

Next to strings and the action of the guitar, depending on whether it is an acoustic or electric guitar, of course, is the amplifier. This video will serve as a guide on dialing in a great amp tone. It also will offer up tips and tricks on making sure you properly take care of that amp and keep it rocking for years to come. From a clean tone to a bluesy breakup, all the way to a heavily distorted lead tone. There are several different tones that we cover so you can set your own amp to your perfect sound.

-Wrap Up-

Acoustic Care Guide

Lastly, there are a few extra tips we figured we would throw into this guide as well, just to make sure all you new players had all the tools you need.  There is an acoustic guitar care guide, which will cover in more depth how to properly maintain and care for your acoustic guitar including humidifiers, polish and fretboard care. There are a lot of little nuances when it comes to playing guitar and caring for your instrument. It is all about just finding your groove, honing in your craft and making sure you take care of your guitar.


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