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Fender Bass Amp

Having the right bass amp is as vital as having the right bass – after all, it is the tool used to amplify your sound. So let’s get into the groove with the most powerful, crystal-clear sounding, deep-thumping bass amps here at American Musical Supply! Think of this as your starting point to finding the right bass amp for you. AMS has 0% interest payment plans, including automatic Pre-Approval on 3-pay for all purchases from $89 – 1,500.  We’re here to help you find the best bass amp on your budget to match your unique sense of style.

Fender Rumble 500 Bass AmpsFender Bass Amps

With a well-deserved reputation as being a world leader in instrument amplification, Fender is without a doubt the amplifier of choice for many bass players. Fender bass amps are known for their versatile and rock-steady sound. Whatever genre of music you enjoy playing, Fender can bring it to life!

It’s no surprise then, that the Fender Rumble Series combo bass amps and cabinets is one of the most popular choices for bass players. Ideal for the home, practice studio, and small stage, the Fender Rumble 15, Rumble 25, and Rumble 40 (pushing 15, 25, and 40 watts of sound, respectively) get trademark tone from their Fender Special Design speakers.  Kick up the intensity with the Rumble 100, Rumble 200, and Rumble 500 (at 100, 200, and 500 watts) and their downright beastly Eminence speakers. All of the amp models in this lineup include an auxiliary input for audio devices and a headphone jack.  The bigger you go, the more features you’ll see! That means effect loops, XLR output to PA, and tone-modeling switches for drive and EQ, just to name a few.

Looking for a top-end professional Fender setup that can be tailored to your specific needs?  Fender Bassman tube-driven heads and venue-ready cabinets are perfectly suited for any tonal palette. It could be anything from throwback 60s and 70s vintage to a wide range of modern applications.  If you’re incorporating bass effects pedals into a bass setup, a Fender amp fits the bill!  You’ll have the ideal straightforward starting point so you can construct a sonic library of truly vast proportions!

Ampeg Bass AmpsAmpeg PF50T Portaflex Bass Amps

One of the true pioneers in the world of bass amps, Ampeg has been the backbone of bass rigs for over half a century! Simply put, these amps are all about rock-solid foundation and pure low-end power.  That’s why you see Ampeg tone going out and dominating the rock, metal, progressive, and fusion music scenes.  From their price-friendly solid-state Bassamp series (BA) to the powerful Portaflex lineup, Ampeg sound is can be scaled up to meet the demands of today’s bassists.

Specifically, these Ampeg Portaflex Stacks are truly groundbreaking!  You have the power and commanding feel of a much larger, more expensive stack at a manageable price.  You also won’t be sacrificing any of the good stuff that Ampeg brings to the stage.  What do those at the highest level off the bass world have to say?  Professionals all over the globe can attest to the performance and sheer sonic magnitude of Ampeg Heads and Ampeg Cabinets. You’ll see it most notably in their critically acclaimed SVT tube heads and cabs.  When it comes to building a roadworthy, tour-ready, lifetime bass amp rig, Ampeg is all about being second to none!

Hartke HD410 Hydrive HDHartke Bass Amps

When you look at Hartke bass amp, you’ll immediately notice the distinct grille and eye-catching pop of silver staring back at you from the internal speaker. That’s because their HyDrive HD speaker design is a two-part system. It incorporates a straight inner cone of anodized aluminum to go with a curved Kevlar-loaded paper outer cone. What does that all mean?  Just that you’ll get a sound that’s full of confident low-end boost to go alongside pointed mids and overtones!Hartke KB15 Kickback


With Hartke bass amps, the name of the game is power with supreme clarity and precision.  The HD series of Hartke Combo Amps range from the trusty 15-watt home practice amp (HD15) to the 75-watt rocker (HD75).  Looking for a some of that extra Hartke sound plus the ability to angle the amp for varied projection?  The Kickback series (with KB12 and KB15 models) is the way to go, ready to unleash up to 500 watts of commanding Hartke tone.

Combo Bass Amps versus a Head and Cabinet

It’s a question that gets asked

First and foremost, a combo bass amp is all about ease-of-use with no hassles. With everything contained in a single unit, you can connect to power, plug in your bass, and turn it on!  That means a much easier time during setup, transport, and use during performances.  As a rule-of-thumb, the small budget-friendly practice models are always combo amps.  In fact, a vast majority of bass amps used by hobbyists, gigging weekend warriors, and professionals in smaller venues are combos as well – the output power is plenty strong!

That being said, there are a number of circumstances that call for more power and the freedom to customize your sound. A bass amp head is a contained unit that drives power to an attached cabinet.  A bass cabinet contains all of the speaker elements in one enclosure, are often larger, and have more output potential.  Simply put, you can’t have the head without the cab.

It’s also common for bassists to use the head/cabinet option in the studio, often preferring the sound to that of an all-in-one combo.  It is said to be a more open and unhindered sound. That is because a speaker cab isn’t dealing with other components taking up extra space inside.  Each manufacturer also implements certain design elements and uses certain materials in the manufacturing of their speaker cabinets.  The true tinkerers often experiment by mixing-and-matching heads and speakers from different brands for an even wider range of sound possibilities.  If you do this, be sure take the proper power requirements into consideration of course!

American Musical Supply has the best bass amp for you and we’re always here to help!

Curious to explore more brands? American Musical Supply has a number of other Bass Guitar Amp brands including Orange, Peavey, Darkglass Electronics, Phil Jones, and many more!  Remember, American Musical Supply offer the lowest prices on today’s hottest bass amps from top brands. Our gear specialists are always standing by to answer your questions


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