Best Beginner Guitars

Beginner Acoustic Guitar

Best Beginner Guitars

So, you have a child, relative, or friend who wants to learn guitar. Or maybe it’s you that wants to be a rock ‘n roll star! That, or you’re looking to start up a new hobby to fill the time. Wherever future endeavors may take you – the stage, the studio, the comfy living room couch – the first step in embarking on a wonderful journey is purchasing a guitar. With all the various options and styles to choose from, it might seem overwhelming trying to decide which guitar would be best for a beginner. After all, what defines a solid beginner guitar? Everyone claims to offer the best beginner guitars, but is that really the case?  Well, with a bit of information and a few guided tasks, you’ll have your answers and be strumming your way to the stars in no time.

If you’re the one ready to buy, are you looking for a simple no-hassle instrument or something a bit more? Maybe you want to play on occasion around the campfire, during an outdoor get-together, or around the house. Or have you been thinking about making the guitar a regular part of days, with aims to play some gigs and record your own songs?  These same questions can be asked to students and parents of young children.  Is this a new, exciting hobby or are they looking to take the next step and pursue their musical dreams?

First, a few questions . . .Acoustic Guitar

When buying a beginner guitar, the materials used during its construction are a primary factor when it comes to pricing. Entry-level guitar bodies are made with a pressed plywood, commonly called laminate. This material is created when multiple layers of thin, treated wood are pressed, secured, and bonded together with adhesive. The upsides of a laminate guitar are durability and consistency.  Since you’re not dealing with any solid pieces of wood in the body, there won’t be any changes to the tone as the wood ages and dries.  Because of this, they are also much easier to maintain.

As you move to the next level up, you will see acoustic guitars with a solid top. There is a noticeable difference in tone between a laminate guitar and one with a solid top.  A solid top, most commonly made of Spruce, will draw you in with its fuller body of sound and increased resonance. It’s important to know that temperature and humidity extremes need to be avoided, no matter the guitar.  You should know that the solid wood instruments are affected the most by their environment. Extreme exposures can lead to warping, cracks, and degradation of the adhesive.  AMS has all of the necessary accessories to help keep your guitar protected and maintained.

Child Acoustic

Small Acoustic Beginner Guitars

When it comes to musical instruments best suited for a young child, piano and violin are often the first ones that come to mind. But did you know that a child as young as six years old can start learning guitar?  1/2 size acoustic guitars are most commonly played by children ages 6-8, while the 3/4 size is more appropriate for ages 9-12.

The main question to ask is whether a young student should start with the more common steel-string acoustic or a nylon-string classical. At first, the nylon-string is going to be a bit more comfortable to play.  This is primarily due to the increased comfort of the nylon strings against the fingers. Start by having them listen to various styles of music. Be sure to include the finger-style and world music of a classical to the singer-songwriter tunes of an acoustic.  There is no set-in-stone progression that a beginner guitar player needs to follow, they can start with what they like and branch out from there!

Our selection of Yamaha, Ibanez, Cordoba, and Arcadia 1/2 and 3/4 guitars all make great choices at budget-friendly prices. The majority of smaller acoustics are laminate instruments, but AMS has a selection of solid-top small acoustic guitar that takes it up a level. Both the Little Martin and Baby Taylor lineups are small-scale instruments that provide big-time possibilities for any player!

Full-Size Acoustic Beginner GuitarsKid Playing Guitar

As students move into middle school and high school age, they commonly proceed to full-sized acoustic guitars of their liking. For a more detailed list of full-sized body shapes and sizes, you can take a look at our Acoustic Guitar Buyer’s Guide!  As a student progresses and sizes up, they’ll still be able to continue using their smaller instrument as a travel guitar or secondary option at home!  Fender, Ibanez, Epiphone, Yamaha, and a number of other great acoustic guitar brands all make excellent models that meet the needs of beginners.

Acoustic Beginner Guitar Packages

AMS offering a huge selection of great priced, educator-approved guitar packages of all sizes from the top brands.  That makes picking the right gift for the aspiring guitarist in your life straightforward and easy.  Ibanez, Epiphone, Arcadia, and Silvertone are just a few of the brands we carry that offer packages. These contain everything you need to get started right out of the box, including a gig bag, strap, and picks.  Now there will be no delay in getting underway!

Beginner Acoustic PlayerWhat to look for in an Electric Beginner Guitar

Many gift-givers and first-time guitarists mistakenly choose the cheapest model they can find.  Many people often think they’ll be easier to play and will suit them best. Unfortunately, there are numerous one-off companies that regularly flood the market with poorly made cheap instruments. The prices seem too good to be true and well . . . unfortunately, they are. It’s often only a matter of time until something breaks. Without proper parts, a repair technician has no choice but to spend extra time and charge hundreds of dollars to just make it playable. Some shops won’t even try to repair these types of instruments due to the abysmally poor construction and build materials.

At AMS, it is our mission to carry quality instruments from reputable brands that are approved by educators, performers, and technicians.  When browsing instruments and gear on our site, you’ll see the “Free Extended Gold Lock Warranty” listed on item pages.  That means you’ll receive a free extra 12 months of warranty coverage in addition to the manufacturer’s full warranty.  AMS always works together with top brands to make sure that you’re getting a great instrument and peace-of-mind with your purchase.

Looking for a little bit more?

If an aspiring player has a specific look and sound in mind, never fear! We carry a wide range of looks and styles that go beyond the more common models out there.  There are even price-friendly custom models and Artist Signatures made to the exact specifications of professionals.

Squier Stratocasters, Squier Telecasters, Squier Jazzmasters, and Squier Mustangs are modeled after the feel and sound of their Fender counterparts.  That makes them the perfect solution for anyone looking to play in a specific genre and emulate a chosen guitar idol. We also carry a wide selection of Epiphone Les Pauls, SGs, and semi-hollow bodies for those who are drawn to those iconic models.  Beginner Ibanez Electric guitars are just the thing for fans of rock, metal, and progressive. There are even beginner 7-string guitars for those dreaming of unleashing shredding lead lines!  These are just a few of the brands we carry offering great alternatives to their high-priced models.










Get it all in one place – Acoustic and Electric Guitar Packages

AMS offers a huge selection of great priced, educator-approved acoustic guitar packages and electric guitar packages. This includes a variety of sizes from the top brands, including Ibanez, Epiphone, Arcadia, Silvertone and more. Picking the right gift for the aspiring guitarist in your life is straightforward and easy. Packages contain everything you need to get started right out of the box, including a gig bag, strap, and picks.  Portable practice amps and cables are also included with the electric guitar packs.


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