New BOSS 200 Series

BOSS Pedals, DD-200, EQ-200, MD-200, OD-200

With the 200 series, BOSS introduces a new generation of pedals that pack advanced sound into a board friendly package. Grab-and-go controls and multi-function switches make operation easy and intuitive. Thanks to onboard memories you can to store multiple setups for instant recall. All 200 series pedals feature premium audio quality with 32-bit AD/DA, 32-bit internal processing, and 96 kHz sampling rate. They offer additional control via external switches, an expression pedal, or MIDI.

To summarize all of that, these pedals are awesome. The 200 Series has 4 pedals including DD-200 Digital Delay, EQ-200 Graphic Equalizer, MD-200 Modulation, and OD-200 Hybrid Drive. Now lets take a first look at these different pedals and learn some of the ins and outs shall we?

Boss 200 Series, DD-200, Digital Delay

DD-200 Digital Delay

Boss 200 Series, DD-200, Digital DelayBoss 200 Series, DD-200, Digital Delay

The DD-200 Digital Delay brings together sounds and features inherited from the flagship DD-500 into an even smaller footprint. Twelve different modes offer an inspiring variety of delay colors from modern digital to classic analog. This lets you dial up everything from basic echoes to rich ambient pads and everything in-between. Additionally, there’s also a looper that’s always ready to use, plus a selectable carryover function for seamless transitions between memories.200 Series, EQ-200, Graphic Equalizer

EQ-200 Graphic Equalizer

200 Series, EQ-200, Graphic Equalizer,BOSS Pedals200 Series, EQ-200, Graphic Equalizer, BOSS Pedals

The EQ-200 is the most flexible compact EQ ever created for guitar and bass. It features two wide-ranging 10-band EQ channels, plus an onboard graphic display that shows EQ curve at a glance. Selectable signal flow structures configure the channels for stereo, parallel, or series operation. It’s even possible to patch in external pedals for deep pre/post tone shaping. Furthermore, the frequency centers of all 10 bands can be set to three different types, letting you optimize the EQ-200’s performance for different instruments.

200 Series, MD-200, Modulation, BOSS Pedals

MD-200 Modulation

200 Series, MD-200, Modulation, BOSS Pedals200 Series, MD-200, Modulation, BOSS Pedals

Outfitted with algorithms from the flagship MD-500, the MD-200 Modulation delivers an array of effects in one small, convenient pedal. Twelve different modes provide every mod sound you need and more! Offering direct access to rate, depth, and level plus additional parameters tailored to each effect type. Rates can also be tapped in with a footswitch while performing. Additionally, beat subdivisions are easily set and viewed with dedicated panel controls. With the powerful insert function, you’re able to patch in drive pedals and other effects for selectable pre/post mod processing.

200 Series, OD-200, Hybrid Drive, BOSS Pedals

OD-200 Hybrid Drive

200 Series, OD-200, Hybrid Drive, BOSS Pedals200 Series, OD-200, Hybrid Drive, BOSS Pedals

The OD-200 Hybrid Drive brings next-level sound, feel, and flexibility to overdrive and distortion. Combining decades of BOSS tone expertise with innovative technologies. This dream pedal is capable of producing any drive tone you can imagine! Offering 12 unique modes, hybrid analog/digital circuitry, three-band EQ, and powerful pre and post boosts for ultra-detailed gain shaping. Above all, there’s an advanced gate circuit on board, ideal for both eliminating noise and adding tightness to high-gain drive tones.

The 200 Series from BOSS is giving some older mainstay pedals a breath of fresh air. Combining tried and true classics with the latest and greatest technology. This coupled with the fact that they are all pedalboard friendly make the 200 Series a great option for adding some new tricks to your playing. If you are in the market for any new pedals, I highly suggest giving these a shot. BOSS is certainly an old dog in the pedal game, but they are pulling out new tricks!

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