Brian Gabriel

When it comes to the many aspects of the music world, Long Island native Brian Gabriel has truly seen it all. With years of experience as a performer, recording engineer, live sound designer, stage technician, and retail product specialist, his understandings grant him a unique creative perspective as a musician.

a’Mericana, his newest creative musical project, began as a simple concept – encapsulate a person yearning to express his musical likings in one sitting. The very word “Americana” crafts an image based on different sonic visions, with elements of Bluegrass, Country, Blues, Rock, and Folk in unique combinations. a’Mericana is a testament to Gabriel’s passionate musical voice that has grown out of his twenty-five years as a drummer, guitarist, songwriter, and touring musician. The listener is taken down an avenue of all things associated with American roots music, the melting pot that has made this country such a diverse musical landscape.

When the cold winter of 2014 was consuming most of the northeastern United States, Gabriel and his helmsman Keith Moore settled into what became the basic framework and structure of this ten song collection. They allowed the creative process to remain organic, holding true to the simple idea of documenting an artist’s creations using authentic and practical recording techniques. Most of the tracks started as ideas that really came to life in this live studio environment. Today’s music is often guilty of being sterile, cold, and unfeeling – manipulated and curated over long periods of time to create an exterior look of perfection. The more instant, concurrent process of writing and performing songs in a studio environment has been less frequent, yet Gabriel believes there is still a strong passion for this method that can create a true, unfiltered bond between performer and listener – a sort of collective musical consciousness.

In addition to working on his own music, Gabriel has been a recording engineer and sound designer for fourteen years. Working at Suffolk Recording Studios, he tracks top bands in Long Island and the surrounding New York City metro areas using numerous analog and digital setups, including Avid Pro Tools HD, Neve and Studer platforms. He has also worked directly with Long Island music venues 89 North, Brickhouse Brewery, AllStar, and a number of different houses of worship.

Gabriel developed a detailed knowledge of products and stage design while spending three years at New Jersey-based Best Instrument Rental, a leading boutique backline company that specialized in renting and transporting high-quality new and vintage instruments, amplifiers, and live sound for media, theater, arenas, and major outdoor venues. Gabriel has also served as a Global Specialist and demonstrator for Vox Amplifiers and Guitars, working in their annual display booth at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) winter show from 2008-2013. During his time at Vox, he traveled internationally to over fifteen countries in East Asia, Europe, and South America from 2009-2014, working in conjunction with various distributors to focus on dealer training, customer product training, and performance demonstrations. His Vox demo videos have generated over one hundred thousand impressions for major publications such as Guitar World, Guitar Player, and Premier Guitar.

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