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Chris Wyse

Who Is Chris Wyse

Chris Wyse, the bass player for The Cult, Ace Frehley Band and Owl came by the studio at American Musical Supply.  In this exclusive interview Wyse tells us about his musical background and influences.  Along with this interview there is a bass solo performance video in which Wyse shows off his chops. Steve Harris of Iron maiden’s aggressive technique and tone is what inspired Chris to play. Playing the bass with elements of guitar technique have helped to customize and shape Chris’ tone.  He was lucky enough to have parents that encouraged his passion and he went to college for bass.  Chris likened learning classical bass to yoga, you must push but you can’t push too hard.  Chris Wyse has definitely made a name for himself and the reason why is self explanatory by hearing his playing.



Chris Wyse got a call from Bob Rock one day and was told that the Cult had a problem with their bass player.  After playing on beyond good and evil they asked Wyse to be in the band and the rest is history.  As for an amp, Chris plays a fender bass through an Ampeg SVT mini.  One tip that Wyse gives for up and coming musicians is to practice.  Give up your weekends and sacrifice time and put the work in.  He says you cannot treat every night like a party when playing, you must treat it like it is, a job. Another point Chris points out is that it isn’t about you, its about the song.  Focus on what works for the whole song, sometimes the most basic groove is something that resonates the most with people in the crowd.

Metallica, Ozzy and Mick Jagger

When Metallica was looking for a new bass player, Chris was honored to be asked to come play.  Being familiar with Metallica’s catalogue this was a huge opportunity. Kirk Hammett, Metallica’s guitar player, personally called Chris to let him know that he was blown away by his bass playing, however they went another direction.  Additionally Kirk did suggest Chris to Ozzy Osbourne as a bassist. He didn’t get that initial Ozzy gig, but he did however eventually become the bassist for Ozzy Osbourne.  After playing with Ozzy, Chris got asked to come and play with Mick Jagger.  Chris Wyse has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some of his personal favorite artists of all time.

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