Martin Artist Corey Congilio – AMS Exclusive Interview


We had the opportunity to sit down with Martin Guitars artist Corey Congilio. He is a proud endorser of Martin Guitars, due to their tone and craftsmanship. Corey is a Nashville-based session and touring musician. He is the author of 16 instructional guitar courses that are all available on his website and Corey is currently touring with recording artist Lucie Silvas and performing around Nashville with his solo project. In this interview we got to picking his brain a little bit to learn more about his journey through music, and what projects he is working currently.

Jersey Boy

Corey CongilioBorn and raised in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, Corey was exposed to music from both his father and mother, plus a few guitar-playing uncles. It was at a very early age that Corey realized the guitar would be his passion and muse. The moment he heard Stevie Ray Vaughn that he knew that music was his calling. Believe it or not, he actually started out playing the saxophone. Given the fact that one cannot play and sing, he quickly switched to the guitar. Corey moved to Pittsburgh in order to follow his dreams and attended the Art Institute Of Pittsburgh. There, Corey studied audio engineering. He didn’t get officially into music production until a few years after he graduated.

Back in the late 1990’s Pittsburgh had quite a vibrant music scene. A scene that was rich with Blues, R&B, and Rock. Given his natural talent, Corey shot up through the ranks by hanging out and playing guitar with all of the city’s best players. This helped him hone in his skills and overall musical maturity. One other thing that Corey speaks to is that he suggests treating every time you play as if it were your last. This way you are always bringing your A-Game to everything you do.

The Student Becomes The Teacher


Corey actually says that he got into teaching and instructing as a byproduct of his guitar playing. Someone would always ask him how he did something or ask him to show them a certain lick. Corey worked in music retail for a number of years, and it was there that he learned more about music and musical theory. This is something that he would develop more over time. Over a 15 year period as an instructor, Corey has taught hundreds of students. That experience leads Corey to become an author of 16 different instructional guitar courses with This huge contribution has garnered him status as one of the site’s top-selling instructors.

Corey offers up such videos as his trading solos series, and 30 beginner acoustic rhythms you must know. These are just a taste of what Corey Congilio has to offer. In the trading solos series, Corey over different types of guitar solos in different genres, such as slow blues, and Texas blues.  Information on studying guitar with Corey can be accessed through both the TrueFire site as well as the Corey Congilio home page. Additionally, you can check out our entire stock of Martin Guitars at


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