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Guitar strings are a lot like coffee, everyone has a preference. Some like their coffee black, others with milk and sugar, and some just like tea. Well, the same theory applies to guitar strings. Some people prefer super lights, some like medium and some like extra heavy. It is all based on your taste and comfort level. Lucky for us guitar players, they offer a plethora of different types of sizes and types of guitar strings! This article is here to serve as a little walk through on what D’Addario has to offer you as a guitar player.

D’Addario Electric Guitar Strings

When it comes to electric guitar strings they have you covered. Starting out with the XL Strings which offer a nice bright tone great for all playing styles. Next up is NYXL Strings which offer more output, better tuning stability, and increased break resistance. Both of these are available in a number of gauges from super light to extra heavy so they can cater to any player.

D’Addario XL Strings

These babies are their most popular electric guitar strings. They are precision wound with nickel-plated steel onto a carefully drawn, hexagonally shaped, high carbon steel core. The final result is a long-lasting, bright string with excellent intonation perfectly suited for a variety of playing styles.

D’Addario NYXL Strings

D’Addario NYXL guitar strings will bend farther, sing louder, and stay in tune better than any string you’ve played before. Envisioned, perfected, and manufactured in New York, this newly engineered, break-resistant, high-carbon steel core, and plain steel alloy delivers a whole new level of freedom, confidence, and power.

D’Addario Acoustic Strings

D’Addario offers a number of options when it comes to acoustic guitar, whether you prefer something bright or something warm. First up is the 80/20 Bronze set perfect for adding a rich bright sound to larger body guitars. On the other end, is the Phosphor/Bronze which is a far warmer sound that can help balance out a newer guitar. Last up is Nickel Bronze, which is somewhere between the two. These have a sparkle to them and offer a neutral tone and help to hear the natural sound of the guitar.

Why D’Addario

What makes one string company different from another? Sometimes it’s hard to put your finger on it… pun intended. All jokes aside though, when you play a great string you just know it’s great. On the surface, it may not be evident how or why it’s great… it just is. As the age-old adage goes “the devil is in the details” and the details of the art and science of string making are the key to the D’Addario difference.

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