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Dave Weiner PRS

Who Is Dave Weiner

Guitarist, engineer, producer and four-time Grammy nominee, Dave Weiner, has been playing guitar and writing music for 3 decades. Starting at only 10 years old, Dave had an original band and released a full-length record; another one at age 16. After high school, Dave went to college where his cover band played countless gigs and upon graduating with a degree in accounting, he moved to Hollywood to attend Musician’s Institute: Guitar Institute of Technology. Dave is an avid PRS player through and through and says that prior to PRS he was an Ibanez man.

Playing In The Band

While attending classes there and working as an intern in an office, his boss happened to manage Steve Vai. He would deliver paper to Vai’s house, and Weiner got to know him personally and it was at that point he gave Steve a demo. About two weeks later his boss got a phone call from Vai. This was the absolute deal of a lifetime, he asked that Dave come to his studio, learn fourteen songs, and go on tour with him. Dave Weiner continues to tour with Vai as well as with G3. G3 is a group of guitar gods going on an insane shred fest featuring Joe Satriani and two other guitarists.

Dave Weiner

Solo Career

Dave Weiner has also released three solo albums through his career. The first, entitled Shove the Sun Aside was released originally in June 2004 on the Meyer Jane Music label and re-released in March 2005 on Favored Nations. It is an all instrumental album on which Dave primarily plays a seven-string guitar. His second album On Revolute started shipping on May 25, 2010. His third album contains 10 acoustic songs and is titled A Collection of Short Stories: Vol. 1. It was released August 10, 2012. Finally, nowadays Dave can be heard playing solo shows with his Jazz trio called Visible At Night. Dave Weiner is a great guitarist and is definitely worth checking out on tour with Steve Vai or his solo work.

Dave Weiner

Closing Thoughts

Dave is a great guitarist, therefore he requires a great guitar. That is the sole reason he plays PRS guitars. There is a certain trust factor. He says very eloquently that they feel very familiar while feeling different. People will pick up a PRS and feel like they don’t know what they are playing. When you pick up a PRS it feels right, and the reality is it doesn’t feel like a Gibson or a Fender because it is neither of them, they feel very right down the middle.  Be sure to check out Dave on tour with Steve Vai or his solo projects. Finally, make sure to check out PRS Guitars at American Musical Supply.


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