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Davy Knowles

Who Is Davy Knowles?

Davy Knowles journey began in the Isle of Man. Like many other young guitarists, he grew up learning to play guitar from listening to the likes of Gallagher, and Clapton. Davy has his father to thank for that early inspiration, as he found them in his father’s record collection. Music is one of the things our parents can pass on to us that help to shape us as adults. He spent most of his youth honing his skills playing the local music circuit and developing a name for himself as a guitar player.

Davy Knowles

Coming To America

Davy Knowles professional career started with quite a bang. He came to America at the ripe young age 0f 19. Traveling along with his band Back Door Slam, an acclaimed debut album, and a slew of reviews at SXSW 2007. Talk about a great introduction to becoming a professional musician and an introduction to the USA.

Modern Blues Man

Beginning with that booming introduction, Davy Knowles proceeded to make his name known US media. Even playing on several huge TV shows, the likes of  Jimmy Kimmel and Good Morning America. To top it all off, Davy had a three year run on the radio with singles. First was  ‘Come Home’ from his debut album Roll Away than ‘Tear Down the Walls’ and ‘Coming Up For Air’ from his sophomore album. Additionally, Peter Frampton produced said album. Oh yeah, and both albums were Top 3 Billboard Blues Chart.

Davy Knowles

Wrap Up

From the very start, Davy Knowles earned the respect of fans, media and musicians alike, including some of his own musical heroes such as the aforementioned Peter Frampton, Joe Satriani, and Warren Haynes. Additionally, Knowles is a PRS man. He says that from a young age he always admired PRS guitars and that he had a picture of a Custom 24 in his locker in lieu of a beautiful girl in a bikini. They are guitars that you can pick up and play any style without having to go through setups and adjustments. PRS blurs the line between art and guitar.


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