Describe Paul Reed Smith In Three Words

Paul Reed Smith PRS

In Three Words Describe Paul Reed Smith

Paul Reed Smith is the creator and founder of arguably one of the best guitar brands in the world. The man, the myth, the legend… Paul has carved out quite the slate for himself in the guitar building industry. PRS was founded in 1985 by Paul in Stevensville, Maryland. PRS Guitars established a reputation as a manufacturer of high-end electric guitars made in the United States, particularly their “custom shop” instruments. Taking the best features of well known brands and making them better and combining them to create the ultimate instrument. Some of their most well known models are the Custom 24, the 408, the McCarty 594 and of course the illustrious Silver Sky. Paul Reed Smith really puts the art into the making of guitars. He is an innovator, a thinker and a craftsman among other things. So we set out to ask some signature PRS artists to describe the man with three names in three words. Take a look at what they had to say about Paul Reed Smith below.

Final Thoughts

So in closing, you can see that it is pretty difficult to find just three words to describe Paul Reed Smith. From the words of David Grissom, Davy Knowles, and Dusty Waring; Paul is an innovator, an artisan, a mad scientist, and a genius. The list goes on and on, as the man has created something different than the rest. Paul has taken several different great components of other famous guitars and Frankenstein mashed them together to create some of the most both visually and musically stunning guitars out there. With their gorgeous quilted and flame tops, and signature bird inlays. If you are in the market for a guitar that is capable of playing any genre and will look like a million bucks than check out Paul Reed Smith!

Paul Reed SmithPaul Reed Smith



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