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Eric Johnson Interview

Eric Johnson Stratocaster 2 Color SunburstIntroduction

Eric Johnson is perhaps most popularly known for his 1990 Platinum Album Ah Via Musicom featuring the hit song Cliffs of Dover, which won the Grammy for Best Rock Instrumental Performance.  Not only a talented studio musician but also a guitarist who puts on a tremendous live show packed with energy.  Johnson is an extraordinary guitarist and has been an endorser of Fender guitars for years.  Additionally, he has not only a solid body signature Stratocaster but also a brand-new semi hollow Thinline Stratocaster that is turning heads left and right.  This guitar will be available in 2 Color Sunburst and Vintage White finishes.

Eric Johnson Signature StratocasterEric Johnson Stratocaster Tropical Turqoise

Stratocasters are prominently known for being solid body guitars for playing rock and roll.  That being said the Eric Johnson signature Stratocaster is no different.  The brainchild of Johnson himself, this guitar features a 2 piece alder body with a thin nitro lacquer finish.  Additionally, it has a 1-piece quartersawn maple neck with 21 highly polished frets and is available in two finishes: 2 Color Sunburst and Ocean Turquoise.  As far as electronics go, this guitar features custom pickups with countersunk screws that are to Eric’s specifications.

Key Differences

There are not many differences between the solid body and semi-hollow.  Both guitars feature the same electronics and pickups.  It took about a year to find the balance and make sure that the guitar maintained its sound.  The specs are all the same primary, other than the addition of the F-hole in the body. With the addition of the hollow body section. Taking on this project was difficult in the sense that by adding the hollow body to a Stratocaster, you risk changing the tone.  This is a guitar that Eric himself is playing live, saying that he doesn’t miss his old guitar.Eric Johnson Thinline Stratocaster

Wrap Up

In conclusion, Eric Johnson is currently touring with an electric band playing primarily Ah Via Musicom.  Featuring the original band members Tommy Taylor on Drums and Kyle Brock on Bass.  Finally, this new Eric Johnson Thinline Stratocaster took an already legendary Fender guitar and turned it into something else entirely.  This is a guitar that is sure to go down in history and hopefully inspire more legendary guitars along the way.  At the same time, it still retains all the key features that we know and love of a traditional Stratocaster all while making its own voice ring out clearly.



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