Eventide Space Stompbox

Eventide Space Pedal

Eventide Space Stomp-Box

If you were alive and recording in the 1970s, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of Eventide. For over 40 years this NY/NJ-based company have been pioneers of digital audio processing. Ask any veteran producer or engineer if they’ve heard of Eventide and you’ll hear stories of the legendary H910, H3000, and SP2016. Heard on countless hit records, Eventide has the highest quality reverb algorithms in the industry.

Knobs, knobs, and more knobs

Eventide Space StompBox

There are 10 tactile knobs and they have been well thought out. There is no compromising of creative control when you can adjust every parameter, literally at your fingertips. The Eventide Space stomp-box also has an expression pedal and aux switch inputs for external control and extensive MIDI functionality. There is also a USB port for software upgrades.

Stomp it!

The foot-switches can be used to control certain aspects of the presets, like Tap Tempo. Alternatively, the foot-switches can be used in “preset mode” to scroll through and load presets. I found this very handy when using the Eventide Space stomp-box in a live sound environment.

The Sound of Space

Twelve unique algorithms were ported over from expensive, legendary rack-mount units. An algorithm is the underlying signal processing structure of the effect. Each algorithm has a unique set of parameters which are varied by turning the Space’s ten control knobs. Load presets by simply turning the Encoder. There are 100 presets and of course you can create your own. Presets shouldn’t be confused with algorithms though. For example, the Spring algorithm has several presets that change the type of spring reverb.

Eventide Stompboxes

Make the Connection

Space boasts stereo inputs and outputs. You can connect directly to your guitar or synth, behind another pedal, or in your amplifier’s effects loop. I plugged my synth into a distortion pedal first, and then the space. Its always a good idea to have reverb after distortion effects, compressors, EQs, and noise gates. In addition, even though a guitar is mono, it’ll be to your benefit to use the stereo outputs (two amplifiers or into your mixing board). This is the best way to show off the lush, moving reverbs.

Special Sounds

I’ll get into how it sounds in a moment but first I want to talk about the cool Input and Output Swell. When using an expression pedal you can create a volume swell either before or after the effect. This is a global setting. The algorithms range from your standard Hall, Room, and Plate reverbs, to unique ones only capable by this box. For example, the Reverse algorithm is true reverse reverb followed by a forward reverb with delay and feedback. The ModEchoVerb, taken from the famed Eventide H8000 (a $5000 rack-mount unit), feeds the output of an infinite reverb into an infinite feedback delay and adds extra modulation. The modulation choices are from the legendary Eventide H3000 (used on Michael Jackson’s Thriller and other smash hit albums).Space Rear

Explore the Blackhole

The bread and butter reverb are just what you’d expect from Eventide. Lush, warm and natural. The Eventide Space stomp-box excels at mundane reverb tasks. Instruments create their own space and fit lovely in the mix. However, if you’re looking for otherworldly sounds, you’re in for a treat. The Blackhole algorithm (also taken from the H8000), is capable of otherworldly soundscapes. From huge to infinite, the feedback can extend around the entire reverb structure and it truly sounds like your instrument is sucking you into a vortex.

Beyond Reverb Eventide Space Stomp Box

Despite the Eventide Space Stomp-box being one reverb effect at a time, some algorithms that have multi-effect properties. I enjoyed playing with the TremeloVerb, and MangledVerb algorithms which add tremolo-like effects and distortion or add chaos to an otherwise ethereal universe.

In Conclusion

The Eventide Space stomp-box won a TEC award and has been the GuitarPlayer magazine’s Editors’ Pick. This pedal might cost more than a stand-alone reverb but you get what you pay for. When you’re looking to step up your guitar or synth game with an original tone all your own, space is the place.


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