Fabrizio Sotti:The Ferrari of Jazz Guitar

Fabrizio Sotti Positive Grid

Who is Fabrizio Sotti?

American Musical Supply traveled to NYC to sit down with Fabrizio Sotti. We met up at his legendary studio to talk history and gear. Our meeting was about his use of Positive Grid software and hardware. So, your next question might be, who is Fabrizio? He is one of the all-time great jazz guitar players that can really play most styles of music. He is a producer and performer that has worked with a who’s who of the music industry.

Fabrizio Dials in a Positive Grid Bias Amp


Fabrizio Sotti and how he uses the Bias Amp plugin

Who has he worked with?

Pop artists like Whitney Houston and J.Lo have worked with Fabrizio. Some rap legends he worked with are Tupac, Q Tip, Ghostface Killah, and Ice T. The list of jazz artists is too long to mention, but he continues to work with the legends. Fabrizio is also an accomplished recording artist with eight of his own albums. He has his own signature D’Angelico guitar, but you need more than his guitar to play like him.



Fabrizio Sotti is also a known Ferrari collector. Rumor has it, if you are in NYC and see a Ferrari parked outside a jazz club, there is a very good chance Fabrizio is playing that night. Ferrari’s and NYC don’t sound like it would be a good fit. With his Italian heritage, those are the car for him. Don’t ask him what his top speed on the west side highway was. It would scare most. After seeing Fabrizio play, there isn’t another car we would compare him to. Ferrari’s are the best of the best and so is Fabrizio.


Positive Grid

Fabrizio is currently using the Positive Grid Bias Head. He sets up his rig in stereo. While he was messing with the Bias Amp, he found one sound that covered it all for him. In the video, Fabrizio will walk you through dialing in “his tone”. When he takes off his “player” hat and put on his “producer” hat, he uses the Positive Grid Bias Amp plugin to help get the tones he is looking for. Have you ever seen or heard someone using a guitar amp plugin on a Cajon? Check out our second video and watch the master in action.



After spending a few hours with this master of guitar and production, we learned a lot. We saw plugins used in a way we haven’t seen before. He played and showed us how he dials in his Positive Grid Bias amp, and we did this all in the same studio David Bowie used to own to record vocals and mix his records. It was a day we won’t forget.

Check out Fabrizio’s Amp of Choice Here and check out all of the Positive Grid Gear Here


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