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Fender is a brand that is best known for their solid body guitars. The Stratocaster, the Telecaster, the Jaguar, and the Mustang.  These are all models that are synonymous with Fender. That being said, they have definitely carved out a name for themselves in the world of acoustic guitars.  Most notably in the new California Series acoustic guitars. These guitars look and sound great, and really give a bang for your buck. We met up with Billy Martinez from Fender to get the rundown on the new California Series.

Taste of California

There are three different levels or price points; the Classic, the Special and the Player.  Each of the different levels also come in three different shapes or styles. The Classic is the top of the line model, it features all solid construction, painted tops with a matching Strat style head-stock. Also featuring a mahogany neck and higher price point electronics.  The Special is the next step down in price. It features all solid construction, a matte finish, mahogany neck, Strat-style head-stock and same electronics package as the Special.  Last but not least is the Player. The Player is the entry-level version featuring layered back and sides, solid spruce top. Also featuring painted back and sides with a matching headstock and a mahogany neck.

Acoustic Guitars

The three different body shapes are the Malibu, the Newporter and the Redondo. The Malibu is the smallest body shape of all. Next up is the Newporter, which is a hybrid between a grand auditorium and a concert style.  Finally, you have the Redondo which is more along the lines of a traditional dreadnought.  Another noteworthy feature is the exclusive colorways within each of the body shapes.  The Redondo comes in Electric Jade and Belmont Blue. The Newporter comes in Champagne and Rustic Copper. In the Malibu, you have the Arctic Gold and Aqua Splash.

Acoustic Guitars

Wrap Up

The new California Series acoustic guitars from Fender set out to speak to electric guitar players that wanted to move into the acoustic territory. This is why they have the fun paint jobs and matching head-stocks, to make electric guitar players feel more at home in the transition. This was also done to breath a little fresh air into the world of acoustic guitars.  Check out all three styles of the new series at American Musical Supply!


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