My First Guitar Amp – Now What?

My First Guitar Amp

My First Guitar Amp, Now What do I do?

You just purchased your first guitar amp. Now, what do you do? In this video, we walk you through some common controls you find on guitar amplifiers. We will also give some tips and suggestions. Owning an amp should be a fun experience since you are now able to really turn it up and go to 11.

What did I Learn

In this video we covered the following:

  • Heads and Cabs need a speaker cable to hook them up. An instrument cable is not shielded and will cause damage to your rig.
  • Use the Standby. This allows the tubes to warm up or cool down and will preserve the life of the tubes and amp.
  • Gain adds saturation or distortion.
  • Volume makes the amp louder.
  • The clean tone is achieved by keeping the gain down and the volume up.
  • Tone controls or EQ is set at noon. This will give you the ability to add or take away frequency bands and help dial in your tone.
  • Add more gain to get the clean tone to start breaking up.
  • If you have two channels on your amp, switching to the second channel will add more gain and pick up where the clean/crunch channel ends.
  • On the lead or gain channel, cut the mids back for a tighter metal tone
  • Boost the mids for southern rock or tube screamer type tone

These bullets are just some tips. When you open your new amp, all the knobs and buttons can look confusing and overwhelming but remember, it is just a guitar amp. You will learn and get to know how your amp will react and how to dial in your perfect tone.

Now that you bought your amp, here are some other things you will need to round out your rig are:


Power Conditioner

High-Quality Cables

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