Four Ways To Improve Your Guitar Tone


Guitar Tone 101

Don’t let your guitar tone suffer! These quick tips will help you achieve that sweet tone!

Change Your Strings!

A new pack of strings will almost always make your guitar sound better. Make sure you stretch them properly first though.  Guitars always sound better when they are in tune.

Choosing The Right Pick

Pick a pick that not only fells good but that compliments your style of playing.  Heavy picks are usually used for a more pronounced sound and individual string playing.  Lighter picks are for a more mellow and lighter sound, typically better for strumming patterns. There is not a right or wrong when it comes to pick thickness. It truly just depends on comfort and personal preference.

Choosing The Right String Gauge

String gauges are extremely important when achieving your own ideal guitar tone. The lighter gauge strings will produce less out put and can sound more thin when played.  Heavy gauge strings will have more output overall and have more of a bass response. Just as with picks, there is no right or wrong when it comes to sting gauge.  It is all about personal preference.

Play Loud

Power doesn’t always necessarily have to come from the gain alone.  Sometimes pushing a valve amp can add that little extra factor that your tone might be missing. Crank the volume to help push your amp and give you the perfect tone, plus now you have an excuse for playing louder!

Hopefully you find this list of guitar tone tips helpful and you can lock in your own signature sound.  If you follow these simple steps you will be sure to have an awesome tone all your own.


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