Fuchs Mantis Jr Amp Review and Demo

Fuchs Mantis Jr


The Fuchs Mantis Jr Series of amps is Andy Fuchs’ answer to the demand for a heavier sounding amp in the Fuchs line-up. It has two channels with a shared Bass, Middle, Treble tone stack and a passive effects loop.  Plus 4, 8 and 16-ohm outputs and will include a 2-way footswitch for channel switching and gain boost.



The idea of the Fuchs Mantis Jr was to create an amp that had a completely different voice than anything else Fuchs was known for. You have two input gain controls, plus a foot controller which allows you to switch channels as well as add a preset amount of gain boost to both channels.

Fuchs Mantis Jr Channel One Review


Channel 1 is a low/medium gain channel that will play clean or dirty.  With the boost, switch engaged it gets very dirty.  Warm full sparkly clean tones that go into a slight overdrive and gets crunchy.  With the addition of the boost footswitch, you can get a nice overdriven tone.

Fuchs Mantis Jr Channel Two Review


Channel 2 picks up where channel 1 left off.  A nice medium gain to start out with.  Once boost switch is engaged it gets very dirty and has high gain output.  This tone would be more akin to modern rock or metal player.

Fuchs Mantis Jr Channel Comparison


Clean channel 1 offers a crisp and bright clean tone.  With the boost on, it goes to a crunch and slightly overdriven, medium gain output.  Channel 2 provides higher gain and with the boost, it becomes fully overdriven.  Each of the two channels has their own volume control. The Mantis Junior is available in 20 watts, 50 watt and 100-watt versions in the head as well as combos.

Fuchs Mantis Jr Performance


As you can see Andy Fuchs has yet again delivered what we have all come to expect from him.  If you are in the market for a new amp, I would highly recommend the Mantis Jr.  Whether you are after a brilliant crisp sparkling clean or a brutal and crushing overdrive this amp will provide.  With the available size option as well this amp really has it all.


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