A Brief History of Heritage Audio

Heritage Audio TT-73

Heritage Audio: A Brief History

Heritage Audio came to be with a mission simple mission in mind; to bring back the philosophy of the Golden Age of Recording. All while adapting it to the 21st Century way of working in the studio. Heritage Audio wants to give all musicians the chance to have great tone and continue to bring the quality from the past. Heritage Audio, a Spanish company that was founded in 2011, has developed quite the name for themselves. They manufacture and design everything in house and do not rely on any form of external development or design. With a portfolio of more than 20 successful products up to date, Heritage Audio is growing at a rapid rate. As a company they continue to push the envelope in terms of the latest and greatest equipment.

Hetiage Audio OST-4

Vintage Tone

Vintage equipment tends to be the favorite of most musicians for a number of reasons, most notably their quality. Sadly, most things are not built to last in today’s world.  There are to problems with buying vintage gear; one it is going to be costly to purchase out the gate, and two it will be difficult to fix if something breaks. Heritage Audio set out to give modern day musicians the same quality and tone you would get from vintage gear without having to worry about the aforementioned issues.


In conclusion, they focus mainly on the Pro audio side of things and specialize in products such as preamps, rack-mounts and mixing consoles.  They utilize the same old fashioned wiring and soldering techniques from the 70’s. Get the same tone from all the classic gear of bands you loved for a fraction of the cost. Therefore if vintage tone is something you seek, but you do not have a time machine than choose Heritage Audio.


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