Richie Castellano Interview & Tutorials

There is no better representative for Home Recording than our own Richie Castellano. Having recorded countless tracks with his multi-track recorders in his teens and graduating to creating viral videos and his current podcast “Band Geek”, Richie lends his time and wealth of knowledge to AMS customers through a variety of highly informative product demos, when he’s not actively playing with Blue Oyster Cult and other musical projects. Take a moment to get to know Richie and check out these tutorials he’s created on Collaborating in the digital age, as well as Compression and EQ Techniques. Make sure to view his AMS Product Demos on our Youtube Channel, and check out Richie’s full bio here


Collaboration Tutorial

Compressor Tutorial

EQ Tutorial


The following is a list of Gear that Richie uses for his own home studio projects that is available to order at AMS. Getting the right Mics, Preamps and Studio Monitors will quickly give your audio recordings a polish that you might have thought was unattainable. Check out these products and begin to build the home studio that fits your needs with the right gear from AMS.


Click Here for some tips on recording with an iPad

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