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Hunter Hayes Interview

Who is Hunter Hayes?

Hunter Hayes is a Grammy-nominated and double platinum-selling singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who roared onto the scene out of nowhere.  Known for playing country music, Hayes has found new out of the box ways to surprise his fans.  At the young age of twenty-six, Hayes has already made quite the name for himself in the industry being proficient at more than thirty instruments.  That being said, Hunter plays a mean guitar and is definitely worth giving a listen.  Hunter goes over his go-to guitar in the video above and highlights why he loves the Music Man Cutlass.

Ernie Ball Music Man CutlassErnie Ball Music Man Cutlass

Hunter Hayes is a self-described “Die Hard Strat Guy” and said that when he first saw the Ernie Ball Music Man Cutlass he had a chip on his shoulder.  Once he had the chance to play a Music Man Cutlass it quickly became his go-to guitar.  Hunter has gone through multiple versions to develop his own which is somewhat of a Frankenstein guitar.  On Hunter’s Cutlass, you will find some of the same features as the one in the video such as; a roasted maple neck, and all single coil pickups.  Additionally, he goes on to say that the scale is something familiar to that Strat feel.  There is a familiar, yet different feel to the body due to the curvature and modern stylistic changes that help to make it feel more compact. The headstock design, however, is a game changer, the tension on the B and the E string are something new and exciting. Finally, Hunter says that the Ernie Ball Music Man Cutlass is home to him in terms of a guitar. Pictured is the Cutlass in Vintage Turquoise.

Wrap Up

The Music Man Cutlass is the perfect guitar for the Fender Strat lover.  The players out there who know what they like but want something slightly different.  Additionally new body curves, and a different headstock which helps to change string tension this will feel old and new at once.  Lastly, you will find single coil pickups and a roasted maple neck with all chrome hardware and a tremolo bridge. The Music Man Cutlass is the crossroad where comfort, style, and play-ability meet. This is a great option for any player of any genre.  You cannot go wrong with an Ernie Ball Music Man Cutlass.


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