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INDEPENDENCE DRIVE is a powerful trio of musicians melding melodic guitar rock with the polyrhythms of reggae and funk. The band consists of ‘twenty-somethings’ Ian Althouse (lead vocals, guitars), Wayne Cannon (bass) and Ryan Mangle (drums). The band is known for their live performances; from Althouse’s melodic guitar work and steady vocals to Cannon’s percussive, intricate basslines and starting with Mangle’s articulate and precise drumming, the band has elevated their sound in the trio format (think The Police, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime, Muse). This trio of performers really shines together with obvious chemistry, each taking their own sonic ground and running with it. The sound of the band is instantly radio-friendly, but upon deeper listening, one can find the musicianship pulling from vast areas of multiple genres and styles. One moment happily grooving with upstroke reggae chords to the next with bombastic drums and wailing guitar solos, INDEPENDENCE DRIVE gives the listener something unique with each well-crafted song. I-DRIVE continues to play in front of the local club crowds and is constantly writing new material to spread to the masses.

Ian Althouse received his first guitar, a hand-made Spanish classical, handed down from his uncle. From this point forward, it was an obsession with 6 strings (…sometimes twelve). Having played in bands since 1995 and currently leading the powerful and funky trio INDEPENDENCE DRIVE, Althouse has been honing his songwriting and guitar skills for the past two decades. Blending styles from multiple genres, Ian simultaneously captures the super-slick funk riffs of the 70s and combines it with the biting upstrokes and groove of reggae all the while supercharging his music with a rock sensibility. Althouse’s riffs are just as comfortable being sparkly clean and spanky as they are with cascading distortion, power and sustain. He is also an effects pedal technician in the vein of The Edge, Andy Summers, Mike Einziger and Tim Mahoney, sampling many different layers of sounds to create more intricate guitar tones and personalities. This certainly serves INDEPENDENCE DRIVE well and allows for the 3 players to stand out from one another while creating a more gigantic sound than having fewer members would imply. Althouse continues to push his influences into new territory ranging from moody indie rock, alternative, funk and even having Spanish music elements in his playing.

Listen to his playing on INDEPENDENCE DRIVE’s debut album on iTunes


After meeting during an Open Mic night at a local pub in 2013, fellow musicians Chris Fuhry and Ian Althouse came together to create the acoustic duo Hou$e Money. Having quickly found their musical tastes and instrumental style to be a formidable pair, Hou$e Money incorporates over 8 different instruments for a vibrant and unique sound that separates themselves from other musical acts.

Ian has been honing his craft since he picked up a guitar in 1995 and continually with his full-time band, INDEPENDENCE DRIVE. Chris found his love of guitar when he bought his Pennsylvania-made Martin in 2000 and continued to develop his musical talents. It wasn’t until recently that his passion moved to percussion. Though Hou$e Money predominantly plays cover music, the song selections come from a deep place of nostalgia and meaningful passion. Along with smooth vocal harmonies, both gentlemen take spots on lead vocals and also extensively use the Cajon, bongos and djembe hand drums to drive the beats in many of their performances, which often exude both a lively and jungle-like feel. Hou$e Money also incorporates mandolin, 12-string guitar, tambourines and shakers to expand the intimate acoustic sounds.

Independence Drive

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