Jared James Nichols | You Can’t Teach The Blues

Jared James Nichols

You Can’t Teach The Blues

It’s not something that can be written down in music books. It cant be learned watching youtube. The blues goes much deeper than that and it truly comes from the inside. It’s about the way the guitar strings are bent, and the sound comes directly from a player’s soul. It’s simple at the end of the day. Either you’ve got it, or you don’t. Jared James Nichols undoubtedly has got it! You can hear it in his sweet pick-less playing or in his soulful and moving vocals. He has a style akin to early 1970s hard-rock bands such as Cream and Mountain.

Jared James Nichols seems to have burst into the scene from out of nowhere. He has long hair and one would think upon first look that he was another shredding guitarist, but he is not at all! Jared is a blues-rock guitarist and singer hailing from East Troy, Wisconsin. Jared is as a very welcome addition to the new wave of Classic Rock & R&B influenced acts. Which is a breath of fresh air into the guitar world, at least in my opinion. There are enough mindless shredders out there… Sorry shredders, its the truth.

Jared James Nichols

Old Glory

Jared is perhaps best known for his high energy performances and his pickless, fingerstyle electric guitar playing technique. You will also be hard pressed to find him without his signature single pickup Epiphone Les Paul Custom that he has named Old Glory. This beauty is a classic 1955-style Les Paul Custom body with a single Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-90 pickup, an Ebony fingerboard with traditional block inlays and Grover Rotomatic tuners. Additionally, Jared had this to say about his guitar “‘I’ve been playing the prototype of ‘Old Glory’ on stage since the day I got it,’ said Nichols. ‘Ever since Joe Perry loaned me a 50s Les Paul Custom with a single pickup, I knew I needed one of my own. This is an incredible guitar. I can’t put it down. I’m so honored and grateful. Thank you, Epiphone!”

Jared James Nichols

Epiphone LE Jared James Nichols Old Glory Les Paul Specifications

  • Headstock 
    • Shape: Clipped Dove Wing
    • Brand Logo: Vintage Epiphone logo
    • HS Center Logo: Split Diamond (LP Custom)
    • Machine Heads: Grover Rotomatics – Kidney Bean Button
    • HS Face Color: Black – Aged Gloss (Like 1955 LP Custom)
    • Truss Rod Cover: 3-Hole Bell shape – 3 ply – blank
    • Binding: 5-ply WHITE/BLACK/W/B/W
  • Neck 
    • Material: Okoume
    • Nut: 43mm x 6mm molded
    • Neck Style: 50’s Rounded C
    • Neck Joint: Set
    • Finish: Black – Aged Gloss
  • Fingerboard
    • Material: Ebony (Diospyros Ebenaceae)
    • Inlay Style: Block (Les Paul Custom)
    • 12th Fret inlay: Block
    • Position: 1.5mm Black
    • Binding Single Ply: White
    • Scale Length: 24.75″ (628mm)
  • Body 
    • Style / Shape: Les Paul Custom
    • Material: Okoume
    • Top Veneer: n/a
    • Top Binding: 7 ply White/Black/W/B/W/B/W
    • Back Binding: 5 PLY White/Black
  • Electronics  
    • Pick Ups: Seymour Duncan P90
    • P/U Mounting Rings: Dog Ear Plastic
    • Switch Type: n/a
    • Switch knob color: n/a
    • Potentiometers: 1 Vol – 1 Tone
    • V/T Knob color/type: Black Insert Knob – Nickel Insert (Vol & Tone)
  • Plastics 
    • Pickguard: not used
    • Back Plates: Black
    • Top Plate: “Blues Power” below stop bar
  • Hardware 
    • Plating: Nickel
    • Tail Piece Type: n/a
    • Bridge: Wrap Around “Lightning Bar”
    • Strap Button: Standard

Signature Amp

As far as amps go, Jared has been using Blackstar for nine years to deliver his unique BLUESPOWER tone. His high-energy performances have seen his reputation continue to grow year on year, as more people are introduced to his blend of blues grit and gusto, through to bombastic arena-size rock ‘n’ roll. He is now playing a signature Blackstar Amp, the Jared James Nichols JJN-20RH MkII valve amp head with matching JJN-212VOC MkII cabinet.

Jared James Nichols

Blackstar Jared James Nichols LTD Signature Stack Features

  • JJN-20RH MkII Amp Head
    • Unique Jared James Nichols panel design
    • Racing green tolex
    • Tilt-back design head
    • Matching JJN-212VOC Cabinet with 12 inch Celestion V-Type & GT-75 Speakers
    • Studio quality reverb
  • JJN-212VOC MkII Cab
    • 2×12 vertical cabinet
    • Semi-open/closed rear panel
    • 160 Watts
    • 4-ohm and 16-ohm mono speaker inputs
    • Racing green tolex
    • Tan basketweave fret

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