Jared Scharff | SNL Guitar Player: AMS Exclusive Interview

Jared Scharff

Jared Scharff, for those who are no familiar, is a producer, writer and the guitar player for Saturday Night Live! Yes, you heard me right, he plays guitar for SNL. I don’t know about any of you readers, but personally, I grew up watching SNL and still do to this day. So I would say Jared has a pretty awesome dream job. Aside from his playing on SNL, Jared has his own artist project called Pearl Lion.


Believe it or not, Jared has a pretty diverse musical background, and he actually started out playing drums. He came from a musical family, so it was an obvious path that led to playing with many bands through high school and college. Jared mentions that he was a Jazz performance major for a while, and quickly realized he hated it. Jazz was not his thing, but luckily he did not give up on music entirely. The one mainstay that he swears by is taking private lessons, saying that it is the best thing to do as a musician. It needs to be a combination of jamming along to your own music and with other musicians as well as lessons for the musical theory.

Playing For SNL

So the question that is on everyone’s mind… How did Jared Scharff become the SNL guitar player?!  Well, he was actually recommended by the previous guitarist to audition in 2006. It started out with Jared sending some YouTube videos to the bandleader Lenny Pickett, and ended up with an impromptu audition “hang”. He ended up getting a callback and had a more serious audition with all the other potential guitar players and obviously got the job! Thus, the rest is history. Jared goes on to say that the job has launched him into having the opportunity to play with many other amazing musicians including Sting, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, and Mick Jagger.

Pearl Lion

Besides playing on SNL, Jared has his own artist project called Pearl Lion. It is an instrumental project that he dubbed as being anti shred. Which I for one am pretty thankful for, there is enough shred music out there. This is a more personal look into Jared’s life via music from all of his experiences over the years. It is a combination of vibey instruments and keys with rhythmic beats and guitar tracks. I would highly recommend giving it a listen. To give everyone a little taste of Jared’s playing here is a solo guitar performance.


Using The Apollo


Lastly, our very own Andrew Swift showed Jared Scharff a Universal Audio Apollo interface. Which if any of you have never checked out, you need to. They are awesome interfaces, great amp simulators and different microphone options plus effects. Additionally, they respond very well to your playing and you can really push the tone. Andrew went ahead and showed Jared just a few amp simulators to give him an idea of what was possible! I know there is somewhat of a heated debate on using amp simulators over an actually amplifier but this thing really sounds and reacts like a true amp. Universal Audio is really changing the game in terms of interfaces and amp simulations.

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