Consider The Bass: John Ferrara Interview and Performance

John Ferrara

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

John Ferrara is the bass player and founding member of Consider the Source, a Sci-Fi Middle Eastern Fusion band. They are one of those rare bands that strike a balance between cerebral and emotional, intellectual and primal. A relentless touring schedule has won the band a fervent following from all corners of the globe. Their fan-base consists of jam-band hippies and jazz cats to full makeup headbangers and prog fans alike. John grew up in a musical home, so his musical development started at birth. This coupled with his exposure to so many different types of music helps to give an inside eye into his signature sound. Ferrara’s compositions range from chill, ambient, classical and minimalist pieces to full on math rock epics covering every genre in between. John incorporates a wide range of sounds, grooves, dynamics and emotions that all crisscross in and out of numerous different genres.

The Renaissance Bassist

John Ferrara draws inspiration stylistically from many different genres. He seamlessly blends deep grooves and contrapuntal tapping, dense chords and classical Indian percussion. All of his playing is tinted with shades of avant-garde experimentation. He has rightfully earned a reputation as a renaissance bassist, due to his pulling from many techniques including slapping to tapping to finger style. Ferrara has studied with South Indian Kanjira master Ganesh Kumar, which has undoubtedly helped him hone in master his craft. Additionally, John utilizes looping and custom midi foot pedals to play bass lines, freeing up his hands to treat his instrument like a piano, guitar, percussion instrument or vocalist. Combining all these together makes for a massive sound.

John is a proud endorser of Hartke amplifiers and relies on their amps to help shape his signature tone. As he says in the video, he has been playing a Hartke since he was around 16 or so and goes into how his tone has developed as the company has developed. John plays a Fodero bass through a Hartke TX300 head through 2 Hartke Hydrive 4X10 cabinets. Additionally, he plays effects pedals from Pigtronix and Darkglass Electronics. Finally, John relies on some heavy duty cases for all his gear, which is why he uses Gator cases.

John Ferrara

Consider The Source

Describing CTS is somewhat of a difficult task… Equal parts funk, jazz, jam band and middle eastern, Consider the source is a truly unique band. Drawing from roots of progressive rock, jazz, and fusion, with alien sounds soaked in Indian and Middle Eastern styles, Consider the Source blends the chaos into a striking, utterly original whole. Their sound has been described as “Sci-Fi Middle Eastern Fusion”. John is obviously one of the key components for this melding of genres, and crazy original sound which is part of what makes CTS an incredible band worth checking out.

John Ferrara

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