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Ernie Ball Music Man and John Petrucci

Originally founded in 1974, Music Man built its name leading an industry revolution.  This was achieved by introducing active electronics on its production instruments. Sterling Ball played an important role in the design and development of the iconic StingRay basses, as part of the team during the ’70s. Some years later in 1984, Sterling purchased Music Man.  Today he is joined by his two sons Scott and Brian and has built a dedicated team of professionals.  They all share one common goal: to build the highest level of hand-crafted instruments available.  So it should be obvious why John Petrucci uses Music Man guitars.  They are a company that is striving to be the best of the best.


The JP6 is the original Music Man John Petrucci signature model. The basswood body features a high gloss durable finish with stylish lines and an ergonomic scooped arm contour.  This gives easy access to the higher frets and offers more comfort for where your picking arm naturally rests. Additionally, the smooth action floating tremolo allows for raising and lowering of the pitch with impeccable tuning stability and the option of piezo pickups. Finally, it features Stainless steel frets and a rosewood fretboard on the ultra-thin, fast and figured maple neck.  John wanted a guitar that was very comfortable to play, that also sounded and looked amazing.  Music Man has definitely delivered and continues to do so on every JP model.



The JP15 is the first John Petrucci production model to feature a roasted maple fretboard and roasted maple top. The African mahogany body features a Sahara Burst satin finish and a pair of DiMarzio Illuminator humbuckers. Additionally, the roasted figured maple neck is finished in gun-stock oil and wax.  If you have not had a chance to play one of these, make sure you do!  Finally, the JP15 features a Piezo pickup, 20 dB gain boost, and custom pearl JP15 inlays.  This guitar not only looks and feels awesome, but its tonal pallet is vast.  Everything from driving leads to clean sweeping acoustic tones thanks to the piezo.  JP15



Built in the U.S.A. The JP Majesty Precious Metal 6 is John Petrucci’s first neck through signature guitar by Ernie Ball Music Man. The Majesty features a mahogany neck through a basswood body with a polished ebony fretboard. Paying close attention to detail, there is what appears to be a carbon fiber shield on top of the body. This is actually laser etched maple. The lower cutaway of the body provides incredibly easy access to the upper frets, made of stainless steel. Additionally, a Piezo equipped custom Music Man tremolo is capable of generating acoustic tones while the DiMarzio Illuminators and 20dB gain boost provide searing tones for leads.




Majesty Monarchy

Last, but not least we have the Monarchy Series Majesty guitars. Originally debuted in 2017, the Monarchy series features a highly flamed maple shield that is seated in an African Mahogany body.  One distinct feature that sets the Monarchy apart is the finish.  While previous models have featured a completely matte finish, the Monarchy series features a glossy finish on the front and a matte finish on the back for a luxurious look and feel.  The Monarchy Majesty guitars come fully loaded with DiMarzio Sonic Ecstasy and of course, come with a piezo bridge. This is by far the most diverse of the John Petrucci guitars and offers a vast and versatile pallet of tones.










Wrapping things up, you can get a sense of why John plays Music Man guitars, they are innovative and the quality is top notch. Check out John playing along with Phil Collen and Joe Satriani on the European leg of the G3 tour.  If you have not had a chance to check out G3, I would highly recommend that you do so.  It is three great guitarists doing what they do best… shredding.


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