LD Systems Overview

LD Systems

Designed in Germany, Heard World Wide!

For those unfamiliar, LD Systems is a registered brand of the Adam Hall Group with their headquarters is based in Germany. Within just a decade they have become one of the major pro audio brands and they offer an extensive range of product lines. They are highly motivated and are continuously creating advanced, state-of-the-art audio equipment. Their goal is to provide superior sonic performance at an exceptional value. Though their products are designed in Germany, their products deliver world-class sound around the globe.

Adam Hall Group

Founded in 1975, Adam Hall founded Adam Hall Ltd. in the English city of Southend-on-Sea as a manufacturer of flight case fittings. Today, more than 40 years later, Adam Hall Group has grown into a global manufacturer of solutions for the event technology industry. If that isn’t a success story than I don’t know what is. LD Systems is just one of the brands that are under the Adam Hall Group umbrella. Why don’t we take a look at some of the products LD Systems offers!

LD Systems

Curv 500 ES

First up, we have the Curve 500 ES. These are a flexible and scale-able speaker system. They feature Bluetooth connectivity, a four-channel mixer and sub-woofer. You can mount with a truss-mount bracket, wall mount bracket or ceiling mount bracket. The sky is the limit with these multi-use speakers.

LD Systems

Maui Series

Last, but certainly not least we have the Maui Series. They offer an especially compact complete PA solution. They are very easy to transport, can be set up in seconds, and blend into any setting. The vertical array configuration, digital signal processing, and individualized amplification of the frequency bands by separate power amplifiers ensure an especially large dispersion angle and extremely homogeneous sound distribution in the audience area. Check out the Maui 5, the Maui 5 Go, Maui 11 and the Maui 28.

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