Line 6 Relay G10S | A True Wireless Experience

Line 6

“I’ve got no strings, to hold me down
To make me fret or make me frown
I had strings, but now I’m free
There are no strings on me”

This is a song that most of you reading this should be familiar with. Now, let’s change strings to cables and apply the same message of the song to playing guitar. As a guitar player, in my opinion, cables can be very annoying. Cables can easily become tangled when several musicians are playing and moving. Additionally, your cables can wear out. You get the point. In comes wireless, but this isn’t always a perfect answer. Some common problems with wireless are lag, bandwidth, and interference. Lucky for us, the folks at Line 6 have created a wireless guitar system that is reliable and as easy as plugging in and playing! Introducing the Line 6 Relay G10S.

Plug-and-Play Guitar Wireless Systems


The Relay G10S stomp-box home wireless system enables you to move freely and most importantly un-tethered to your amplifier. This is a great addition to any pedal-board for both guitar or bass players. Both of these systems come bundled with the G10T transmitter and will work with any amp or pedal-board when plugged in. Featuring a rugged metal stomp-box receiver that easily integrates into a pedal-board, as well as simple plug-and-play operation. As if that was not enough of a selling point, the Relay G10S features an intelligent setup feature that allows the unit to immediately locate and lock onto the strongest available wireless frequency as soon as the transmitter is docked in the receiver.

Providing pristine 24-bit audio quality, free from dropouts and interference, and has an impressive 130′ line-of-site range. So you will have a further range and little to no fear of the signal weakening or cutting out. RF and battery status indicators are large and always visible, and you get both a 1/4″ main output to feed your amp or pedal-board and an XLR DI output for connecting the Relay G10S system directly to a P.A. Additionally, the system includes the compact G10T transmitter, which plugs into your guitar or bass input. Finally, this baby has a rechargeable battery that provides 8 hours of playing time per charge.

Part Of The Family

The Relay G10S is the newest member of the Relay Wireless Family, a series of products that are embraced by professionals for their reliability, ease of use, and transparent sound. Thanks to the extensive experience that Line 6 brings to designing and manufacturing wireless products, you can depend on the Relay G10S to provide clear and accurate guitar sound, free from interference. Plus, the Relay G10S is compatible with the Relay G10, G30, G50, G55, and G90 guitar wireless systems.

Line 6

Line 6 Relay G10S Guitar Wireless System Features

-No setup required
-Up to 130’ range (40m) line-of-sight
-24-bit lossless digital sound quality
-Rugged metal construction
-Balanced XLR DI output
-Built-in rechargeable battery
-9V DC power connector for easy pedal-board integration
-Automatic or Manual frequency selection
-External power supply included